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Appearing in "Bad to the Bone (Muir Island Saga, Pt. 2)"

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Synopsis for "Bad to the Bone (Muir Island Saga, Pt. 2)"

Under the mental control of the Shadow King, Colossus chases Xavier and Stevie Hunter through the ruins of the Xavier Institute. It comes to a showdown between Xavier and the Shadow King in the Danger Room, and Xavier realizes that he can only free Colossus by destroying the artist Peter Nicholas personality in Colossus head; though it hurts him as Piotr actually was happy as an artist. On Muir Island, only Forge remained free from the Shadow King’s influence and the other X-Men are hunting him. Yet Forge is able to use a neurosynaptic scrambler on Wolverine and when being discovered by Rogue, he knocks her unconscious with a gun. The Shadow King realizes that he needs a new host body, as that of FBI agent Jacob Reisz is beginning to deteriorate. Xavier, Stevie and Colossus witness a riot in Salem Center which is actually the Shadow King’s doing, they decide to call in X-Factor.


  • Part 2 of 4 of the Muir Island Saga crossover event.
  • Professor X plays a Danger Room simulation of the first time he met the Shadow King.

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