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In the mansion, Storm begins Bishop’s orientation into the X-Men. Bishop, however, still has problems adjusting to the fact that he is actually with the X-Men of legend. Archangel continues to brood over his transformation. Mystique tries to reach out to Archangel but does nothing more than taunt the man, who lashes out at her. Storm, Bishop and Forge investigate the ruckus but Archangel leaves the mansion in anger when Xavier tries to reprimand him. Storm blames Mystique, who is defended by Forge. Forge storms out. Ororo gives chase. Forge confronts her about their relationship and wants her to leave the X-Men with him, but insinuates that she has problems with having a life outside the team. In a move that catches Storm off guard, Forge proposes to her. Meanwhile, Iceman and Opal have dinner with Bobby’s parents but Mr. Drake does not keep his opinion on their interracial relationship quiet, which angers Bobby. Suddenly, Bobby’s old rival and Opal’s cousin, Hiro, arrives and tells them that Bobby’s parent’s lives are in danger. Suddenly, the Cyburai appear and announce that they have come to kill the Drakes.

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