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Quote1 Freak. Flatscan. Deadend. Genejoke. Mutie. Words. Powerful words meant to distance... to demean... to destroy the havens of self respect we each carry and nurture within us -- just as surely as they seek to rend the centuries old tapestry we, as a race, have agreed to call civilization. These words carry us away from the light and lead us marching, no -- charging -- into a darkness where prejudice and bigotry reign. Ugly, hateful words as weapons... and words that ultimately fail to achieve their intended purpose. This concert is about embracing our uniqueness -- the color of a man's skin, the choice of whom we love -- the right for your neighbor to pursue his individual religious observance. Isn't it also about learning to respect the person born with a torso fin, cursed with an optic blast, or blessed with the natural powers of telekinesis? Seeing past their differences, humans and mutants share a common unbreakable bond. No amount of words -- of derision, distrust, or disinformation -- can change the truth that each of us... man, woman, black, hispanic, jew, Asian, Native American, homosexual, mutant, everyone... underneath all the "words"... we are related. Wer are all family. Quote2
Charles Xavier

Appearing in "X-Cutioner's Song Part 1: Overture"

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Synopsis for "X-Cutioner's Song Part 1: Overture"

The X-Men have convinced Professor Xavier to deliver a speech promoting mutant tolerance at a live Lila Cheney concert. Warren Worthington picks up his date, Charlotte Jones, for the concert. Appearing to be Cable, Stryfe kills a couple of terrorists who had placed a bomb beneath the concert stage, vowing that he himself will be the one to kill Xavier. Cyclops briefly fantasizes about Psylocke while waiting for Jean at a pub. Meanwhile, Gambit attempts to comfort Storm over her recent breakup with Forge, and the pair end up dancing to the distant sounds of the Cheney concert.

At their temporary New York headquarters, members of X-Factor prepare to watch the Cheney concert on pay per view, however Strong Guy takes off with the TV after Multiple Man hurts his feelings with a comment about Cheney not wanting him back as her personal bodyguard.

Jean confronts Cyclops over his attraction to Psylocke. He successfully reassures her that, while he recognizes that Psylocke is beauty, the only person he's truly attracted to his Jean. Jean admits that her worries are in part due to Storm and Forge's recent breakup. Caliban bursts in on the couple and attacks them. Back at the concert, Cheney introduces Xavier to the audience, but his impassioned speech is met with boos and jeers. Apocalypse's horseman, minus Caliban, attack the concert and Colossus and Iceman battle them. Stryfe shoots Xavier, announcing to the world that he is Cable, and that he has just saved the future. Warren disables his image inducer in order to transform into his Archangel persona and attack Xavier's assailant, however the mutant teleports away. Rogues apologizes for the X-Men convincing Xavier to speak at the concert, but Xavier reassures her that they don't need to apologize to him for being optimists.

Shortly afterward, in the New Mexico desert, X-Force attempt to watch the Cheney concert on a portable computer. However, when they tune in they're shocked to see Trish Tilby reporting on Xavier's possible death at the hands of "Cable."


  • Part 1 of the X-Cutioner's Song event.
  • The issue came packed in a polybag with a Trading Card:

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