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Quote1.png Don't go beatin' yourself up over Marrow. She was twisted. Ya had to stop her. Ya did. Sometimes, 'Ro, it's that simple. Quote2.png

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Synopsis for "Generation of Evil"

The members of the X-Men and Generation X are enjoying a fun-filled game of baseball, which is interrupted by the surprising appearance of Colossus and Callisto. Callisto has come to warn the X-Men that Gene Nation intends on carrying on further threats of mayhem. On the anniversary of the Mutant Massacre, the terrorists' leader Marrow intends on detonating a bomb, killing at least one human for every Morlock that died during the massacre.

The X-Men travel to Manhattan and begin scouring the city trying to get a trace on Marrow's activities. They encounter Gene Nation in the sewers beneath a skid row slum. One of the villains, Hemingway, begins pulverizing Colossus while the rest of the crew begin herding enslaved humans through the tunnels. Storm and Callisto find Marrow and Marrow reveals that she was still a child when Storm became leader of the Morlocks. Marrow has a bomb planted inside her chest and challenges Storm to a trial by combat. Marrow stabs Storm with her bone spikes while Storm returns in kind with her daggers. With only seconds to spare before the bomb detonates, Storm rips out Marrow's heart, thus deactivating the bomb. Meanwhile, Mister Sinister learns that Gambit is on his way towards Seattle to try and find Rogue. He ponders upon his past experiences with the thief turned X-Man.


  • This is a double sized issue.


  • Colossus joined Excaliber shortly after appearing in this issue.
  • Joe Madureira knew Roger Cruz was swiping his art, so decided to get revenge. On panel 4 on page, Madureira writes on a newspaper 'Cruz swipes again'.

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