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Appearing in "Whispers on the Wind"

Featured Characters:

  • Joseph (First appearance as Joseph)

Supporting Characters:


  • Colonel Ramos

Other Characters:

Races and Species:



Synopsis for "Whispers on the Wind"

In a rural area, a group of curious children discovers a man covered in manure and seemingly unconscious. They debate whether he's dead and when the man stirs, the children scream, and the noise attracts attention from nearby.

A woman armed with a shotgun approaches the man and instructs him to leave. She communicates with him in Spanish, but he responds in German. The man displays a strange power, manipulating the metal in the woman's gun, causing her to fall backward. Before he collapses again, he warns her not to threaten him.

The man is taken in by the woman, who identifies herself as Sister Maria and offers him food and shelter. She discovers that he has no memory of his past. She allows him to stay with them until he's well enough to leave. The man questions how she can trust him when he doesn't even know himself, but Sister Maria believes everything happens for a reason.

Over time, the man, now called Joseph, forms a bond with the children and the nun. However, their peaceful life is disrupted when Colonel Ramos, a corrupt government official, tries to involve Joseph in criminal activities. Joseph refuses, and Ramos threatens the children's safety.

In a tense confrontation, Joseph uses his powers to extract information from Ramos and discovers that the children are held captive in the basement of an old church. Joseph finds the children, but he cannot spare them the sight of a lot of dead bodies he left behind to rescue them. Sister Maria confronts Joseph about the violence, but he leaves the orphanage the next morning.

Later, Sister Maria reflects on her decision to help Joseph, who may be the mutant Magneto. She hopes he will find his place in the world and use his powers for good ...

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