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Quote1 I know your heart is in the right place, Scott - that you're only doing exactly what you think Charles would do - but sometimes you make me want to reach inside that tight little mind of yours and shake loose some consideration! Quote2
Jean Summers

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Synopsis for "Reunion"

On a road in rural Alaska, Bobby Drake is being impressed by the local wildlife. Meanwhile, Warren Worthington and Hank McCoy discuss girlfriend trouble. They are interrupted by a bird hitting the windscreen, which spooks the driver, sending them off the road and straight into a moose.

As they wait for the sheriff's department, Bobby has a "flashback", explaining to the other two that they came up because of a message Scott sent the school about Jean's powers expanding; how Bobby and Hank decided to have an impromptu class reunion, dragging Warren with them so that Scott can discuss the issue without alienating Jean. Warren is less than impressed.

The local sheriff, Miller, arrives, explaining that he will have to kill the moose to save it from a painful death. As he shoots it, Bobby sees strange eyes in the woods. Hearing they are friends of Scott and Jean, he offers to drive them over, as they are his neighbors. As they go to the car, Hank wonders why the bird even hit them in the first place...

Back at the Xavier Institute, Logan is busy with the reason he couldn't join his friends in Alaska: he is minding Karl Lykos, the supervillain Sauron, and is expecting a visit from G. W. Bridge of S.H.I.E.L.D. Rogue comes out wearing her original costume. Logan wonders that maybe she needs to talk about something with him, but she brushes this off, as she has an appointment. As she flies away, Lykos is teleported off by S.H.I.E.L.D., leaving Logan feeling sullen.

In Alaska, Jean and Scott greet their friends. Sheriff Miller introduces them to his wife, Staci, and his sister-in-law, Melissa Murphy. They agree to meet again. Inside the house, Jean asks them why they even came: they had barely any warning, she and Scott haven't been gone long, and they could have asked about Scott's recovery from surgery over the phone. Scott explains that, with recent events, he thinks they should take stock of where they are as friends and X-Men. Hank asks Scott to help him shift his stuff, and the two leave. Jean asks Warren about his bad mood, and Warren confesses his envy for Jean's relationship with Scott. Jean admits that it takes work.

In Hank's room, Scott comes to the chase: Jean's powers are expanding, and she has been wearing the Phoenix uniform. Beast thinks Scott just has post-traumatic stress from the Phoenix's original death. Scott explains that originally, he trusted when "Jean" told him that everything was fine. And in the end, he had to watch as his partner burned herself alive on the Moon to save the universe. In addition, a lot of telepaths have demonstrated frightening power recently: Professor X almost destroyed New York as Onslaught, Mastermind altering the world in his dying weeks and Nate Grey spontaneously generating Madelyne Pryor with the power of his mind. Scott sums up that much has changed since their first mission, and he wants help stocktaking.

Later, in the living room, around a fire, the five reminisce about Jean's first day. Jean thinks about something Bobby said, how Scott bringing Jean a chair when everyone else in the room was trying to impress was what first interested her. Bobby was a little miffed, since less than six hours later, he had saved her from an exploding fuel tank.

The group discusses several issues: Joseph/Magneto joining the X-Men and then mysteriously vanishing, the local Inuit tribes' protest against new subdivisions, Jean's complaints about Scott making decisions for both of them, the disappearance of Professor X and the expansion of Jean's powers. Suddenly, the room fills with smoke from the fire, and when the five investigate, they find a dead blackbird.

In Manhattan, Rogue has her appointment doing due diligence on Aubrey Agee, the scientist who claims he can remove her mutant powers. She sees him leaving a company called Mutopia and confronts him.

In Anchorage, Scott and Jean have decided to take their friends to a restaurant in town. They run into a protest by local Inuit groups, complaining about the subdivisions. Bobby sees the strange eyes from earlier, now attached to a local man who babbles about serving a Crow God. When he turns back, the man is gone. The group gets to their restaurant by an different route. A the restaurant, Scott explains the true purpose of the evening: to critique Xavier's vision for the X-Men, and if necessary to replace it with their own.

Outside, it begins raining blackbirds...


  • During her conversation with Agee, Rogue calls him "chere" before correcting herself; a reference to remnants of Gambit's mind remaining from the Erik the Red incident in Antarctica.[1]

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