Quote1 Listen, you New Yorkers might get your Magnetos and your Doctor Dooms, but this is Anchorage. Closest thing we've got to a super-villain is Councilman Shockley. There's all kinds of weird stuff in the world. Not all of it's the work of some supernatural shaman or deadly mutant lunatic, you know. Quote2
-- Sheriff Chris Miller

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Synopsis for "The Sky is Falling"

A massive flock of crows has descended on the Alaskan suburb of Ptarmigan Creek. Right in the middle of it is a man known locally as Moon Wolf who claims that the crow god Chulyen the Crow God is using him as a conduit to take back the land from "those who stole it" from him.

At a restaurant on the far side of town, five friends are meeting: the original X-Men. However, before they can discuss anything in depth, they hear the ruckus, and decide to leave to get into costume. Once outside, they begin attacking the birds, while maintaining their anonymity, and Jean mentions that Scott cannot use his powers because he is recovering from surgery. Bobby encounters the man with the crow eyes, and the five are saved by the arrival of Sheriff Chris Miller; crows are swarming all over the city, and he suspects overbreeding. Bobby blames the man with the crow eyes, but the sheriff laughs him off, saying he is a local man.

In New York, Dr Aubrey McGee is observing the DNA of Rogue. He is sure he can cure her mutation, just as he did to his sister; but Rebecca lives in a jar in his lab, and looks horrific...

Back in Ptarmigan Creek, the X-Men are arguing about the balance between the need to save the day and the need for a secret identity. Jean essentially kills the debate by walking in costume; the have a duty to save lives and worry later. Her neighbour, the sheriff's sister-in-law walks in, and is amazingly calm about the group of men and women is strange costumes. She explains that she is worried about her brother-in-law, that she was in L.A. during the caused by Operation: Zero Tolerance, and she is techically a mutant due to her polydactyly. The group accepts her.

In deep space, Bishop and Deathbird are about to crash into a sun. Bishop demands to be let out to save them both. Deathbird is insistent that he not,, but relents when he say he loves her. With two pilots, the ship is steered away from the sun... and onto a crashcourse with a planet...

In Anchorage, the X-Men are in costume, and split to cover more ground: Angel & Beast look for the source of the birds, Cyclops & Phoenix fight the birds in the centre of town, Iceman gets a roving brief while he looks for the man with the odd eyes. Iceman finds his target. Angel & Beast find a factory pumping gunge into the birds' drinking water. Cyclops & Phoenix and Cyclops, meanwhile, save the sheriff & his deputy from being murdered by crows, and Jean encounters a crow with no psionic footprint and decides to investigate. All of them encounter anti-mutant prejudice.

Iceman, Angel & Beast all show up in the center of town, and the crows from a massive shape in the sky: an anthropomorphic crow shape, while Iceman's target starts shouting about how Chulyen has come to punish the thieves of this place. With seconds to spare, everyone strikes out at the percieved source of the threat: Jean decapitates the robot crow, Iceman knocks out the strange-eyed man, and Cyclops, at enormous personal pain, shoots the crow-shape with his eye-beam.

With the threat ended, no-one can agree what the source of the threat was. Iceman's strange-eyed man turns out to be toting a bag of birdseed, which is why they did not attack him. Meanwhile, Angel posits that the birds went crazy from the industrial runoff in their drinking water. Beast suggests that it is a combination: the universe is a complex system. The people of Ptarmigan Creek admit they were wrong to blame the X-Men for the problem.

As everyone walks away, a crow made of smoke emerges from the eyes of the strange-eyed man and vanishes, laughing.

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