Appearing in "Beauty & the Beast, Part 2: You Can't Go Home Again"

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Synopsis for "Beauty & the Beast, Part 2: You Can't Go Home Again"

Colossus and Marrow fight to keep Mikhail from resurrecting a false image of Illyana; Mikhail is purged of an evil entity and all three return to earth.

Appearing in "Fast Lane, Part 1: Media Blitz"

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Synopsis for "Fast Lane, Part 1: Media Blitz"

Anti-drug story.

Solicit Synopsis

  • Marooned on the vast tundra of a strange land, COLOSSUS and MARROW must face not only their own inner demons, but the man with a profound hold over both of them: the mad MIKHAIL RASPUTIN!


  • Part 7 of 10 of the Shattering story, continuing from X-Men Vol 2 #93 and continuing directly into X-Men Vol 2 #94.
  • Writers for the first story, You Can't Go Home Again, are credited as plot by Davis, script by Faerber.

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