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Quote1.png I'm sorry, Doctor. I hope you will understand why I must do this. I have battled living islands. I have fought Sentinels whose soul purpose was to kill mutants. I have helped to save the universe, more than once. I have done all this and more and yet the hardest thing I have ever done was watch helplessly as my sister's life was taken by the Legacy Virus. Someday, there may be a cure that does not require a sacrifice. Someday, the violence will end. Someday... children like Illyana will not be victims of a war they are not a part of. But I cannot stand by for even one hour knowing somewhere, someone else's little sister is dying from this disease. Snowflake. I am coming home. Quote2.png
Colossus (Peter Rasputin)

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Synopsis for "The Cure"

Beast finds a cure for the Legacy Virus, but the antidote will kill the first mutant who uses it; While the X-Men play a round of basketball, Colossus uses it.


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