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Quote1 What-- this is my fault? The homophobe gets to spout off and I get in trouble for defending myself. Typical. Quote2
Northstar (Jean-Paul Beaubier)

Appearing in "Eve of Destruction, Part 1 of 4: From the Ashes of the Past... Still Another Genesis!"

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Synopsis for "Eve of Destruction, Part 1 of 4: From the Ashes of the Past... Still Another Genesis!"

Joanna Cargill is being being interrogated by the Pentagon staff on the whereabouts of Magneto after her pro-Magneto speech at the UN. Jean Grey takes control of the staff's minds and wipes their memories, to have her own conversation with Frenzy. Jean Grey then appears in Philadelphia to appeal to Northstar, who has just disarmed a homophobic gunman at his own book-signing, for his help during the approaching “genetic war”. She then travels to Boston, where she saves Hector Rendoza from a mob who attacked him while he sought a doctor for his newly manifested mutation. Having frozen them, he offers him a place on the X-Men, which he accepts.

Paulie Provenzano enters a Brooklyn bakery, having returned from time with the marines, during which he discovered his mutant indestructibility. He suggests to a trio of mobsters that he should control the neighborhood, splitting the money evenly with them. They response is to shoot him, at which point he overcomes all three. Jean Grey again enters, offering him a worthier calling on the X-Men, which he accepts.

Paulie and Jean Grey drive up to the X-Mansion; Jean tells Paulie to introduce himself to Northstar and the others while she waits for Sunfire, Shiro Yoshida. Sunfire's sister, Leyu arrives instead, as she finds the prospect of being an X-Man exciting whereas her brother “could not be less interested”. Her conversation with Jean is interrupted as Jean-Paul throws Paulie through the door for insulting his homosexuality. He proceeds to beat Paulie at high speed until Jean Grey asks him to carry Paulie inside.

Jean Grey recounts the imminent war from Genosha, as Magneto readies to attack humanity; he has displayed Professor Xavier publicly, where he shall remain until the last human falls beneath mutantkind. She goes on to explain Cyclops and Wolverine are in Genosha already, but the X-Men require more help. Frenzy joins the team from the next room, to assist with her knowledge of Genosha. The new team is about to depart when Alison Blaire appears at the door.

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