Quote1 You've just taken another hit from an emp weapon that temporarily shuts down a mutant's physiology. You're powerless. We don't like when people like you give the rest of us a bad name... Face're no Magneto. When you regain the ability to form words, I've got a serious question for you... What did you do to my teammates? More importantly-- what did you do to my wife?! Quote2
-- Cyclops (Scott Summers)

Appearing in "Playing God"

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  • Emp weapon
  • Cerebro (Behind the scenes)


Synopsis for "Playing God"

On the anniversary of Magneto's attack on Cape Citadel, a young mutant with reality warping powers celebrates his birthday by staging an attack on the army base of his own. Wolverine shocks Jean when he kisses her.

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  1. First and only known appearance to date besides flashbacks

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