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Are you sending me because you think my powers are wimpier than yours?
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Husk (Paige Guthrie)
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Okay. Just clarifying.
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Appearing in "The Dead Have No Rights"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:

  • Mr. Mendozza, graveyard manager
  • Mrs. Mendozza
  • Reyna Mendozza
  • Jeremy, mutant graveyard worker (First appearance)
  • Larry, human graveyard worker

Other Characters:

  • policemen
  • doctors
  • sick children

Races and Species:


Synopsis for "The Dead Have No Rights"

Husk and Jubilee go to pay their respects to Skin, when they discover he is being dug up because a mutant can't be allowed to be buried there. Husk fights two graveyard workers, one of whom is discovered to be a mutant with the power to turn his flesh into steel, similar to Colossus. Jubilee gets the manager and he stops the fight. He fires the worker, and offers to cremate Skin for them. Meanwhile, Archangel uses his new healing factor at a children's hospital, and it is ironically discovered that he saved the life of the graveyard manager's daughter.

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