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Quote1 ...You're not monsters. You're the best chance those kids have. Which is why you have to keep trying to make a difference. No matter how hard it gets. Quote2
Carol Danvers

Appearing in "The End of History Part 2: Death and the Maiden"

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Synopsis for "The End of History Part 2: Death and the Maiden"

A Washington high school is set ablaze after a young mutant manifests his uncontrollable powers. The police and fire-fighters then investigate the wreckage; certain that Wolverine and Nightcrawler are responsible for the explosion. As some officers assault the regenerating Wolverine, the others locate Kurt protecting the surviving students. The two X-Men are promptly taken into custody whilst the corpse of the mutant boy is wheeled off. Before Nightcrawler can demonstrate his grievance against the racist sheriff, Storm and Warbird arrive to release them. Later that night, Sage monitors the backlash of the Wade River tragedy on a global scale. Storm enters Nightcrawler's room and comforts him on what had happened. They use his image inducer to dress in formal wear and then dance via Ororo's air currents. In Great Britain, Marvel Girl, Cannonball and Bishop travel to Braddock Manor so that Rachel can pay her respects for the deceased Psylocke. When they arrive, they find the place deserted and lose contact with Sage's cyber-network. They see a huge gaping hole in the floor and follow it to an old abandoned mind shaft. Suddenly, a mysterious figure analyses and attacks them. The X-Men fight back with all their might, but the creature is far too strong for them: The men lay unconsciousness while Marvel Girl is thrust high up into the sky. The Fury (as it is called) then picks up Sage's cybernetic glasses, and tracks the network back to its source; planning to assimilate it... and Sage.


  • "The End of History" Story arc: Part 2-4
  • This group of X-Men are members of Storm's federal X-Treme Sanctions Executive (X.S.E.) They were recruited in X-Treme X-Men Vol 1 46
  • Wolverine and Nightcrawler were denied jurisdiction over the school in the previous issue. Kurt jaunted them inside, seconds before the explosion.
  • Sage views the many broadcasts of the "Wade River tragedy" in her carriage house. They include news reports, press conferences, and a Purity website that parodies the X-Men
  • Psylocke was murdered by Vargas in X-Treme X-Men Vol 1 3


  • Rachel (Grey) Summers was one of the original members of Excalibur
  • In her red convertible, Rachel sings the lyrics to White Room by Cream (supposedly one of Jean Grey's favorite songs.) She then states that she prefers the (fictional) Chicago punk band: Psychic Fractal Geomancers.

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