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Quote1.png I've decided it's time for a change. To take the course I should have taken when Charles Xavier and I first met. The one Tessa recommended. Quote2.png
Sebastian Shaw

Appearing in "Chasing Hellfire! Part 2: Cardinal Betrayal"

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  • X-Uniforms
  • Viper's Nannites
  • Tantalus webs (restraint)

Synopsis for "Chasing Hellfire! Part 2: Cardinal Betrayal"

After shooting all his team-mates, Bishop commands a confused Nightcrawler to teleport them out of the catacombs they had just been transported to. They jaunt to an ancient Roman Bath display, where Bishop explains to the X-Men that he neutralized the nannite spores they were infected with. In Hong Kong, Emma draws at the card game she was playing, using her own life as the wager, whilst Marvel Girl continues to search for mutant slaves being sold at auction. Rachel uses her telepathy to scan each room, but is repelled by a formidable psi-shield in front of a door. A pair of Fortress Casino employees steps out to stop the "White Princess" from going any further. Fortunately, Marvel Girl is whisked off to safety by Red Lotus. Selene then emerges from the darkness to warn the staff not to pursue her prey. In a Paris café, Nightcrawler and Wolverine talk about Sage's suspicious actions. Meanwhile Bishop and Storm travel to a large mansion where they are hospitably greeted by Sebastian Shaw, Sage and Sunspot (who is introduced to them as the newest Black King). At the same time, Red Lotus tells Marvel Girl that he is working with Viper and Courtney Ross to put the casino's slavers out of business. The Hellfire Club have difficulty trying to convince the X-Men that their group has turned over a new leaf. Back at the café, Wolverine and Nightcrawler are tracked down and attacked by the group responsible for the nanites in the sewers. The same group of tactical soldiers surround Shaw's courtyard, capturing him and his company in tantalus webs. The commander of these aggressors steps out into the sunlight... it's Donald Pierce.


  • In the previous issue, Emma Frost and Marvel Girl feign the titles of White Queen and White Warrior Princess, respectively.
  • Both Emma Frost and Sage have been prominent members of the Hellfire Club
  • Donald Pierce was killed in Uncanny X-Men #247, but rebuilt around Domino #2
  • Courtney Ross was replaced by Satyr-9 in Excalibur #5


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  • X-Men #129 (First encounter with the Lords Cardinal)
  • Uncanny X-Men #449 (Sebastian Shaw began reconstituting his Lord Cardinals, choosing Courtney Ross as White Queen and Viper, her White Warrior Princess)

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