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Appearing in "Chasing Hellfire! Part 3: Cardinal Law"

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  • X-Uniforms
  • Tantalus webs (restraint)
  • Viper's Nannites

Synopsis for "Chasing Hellfire! Part 3: Cardinal Law"

At Sebastian Shaw's Paris mansion, Storm breaks free from Donald Pierce's restraints and begins to fight his unrelenting soldiers known as "The Cleaning Crew." Nightcrawler and Wolverine finish off their adversaries at the Paris café and then take off to assist Storm and Bishop. Pierce attacks Wolverine with ferocious nannites that instantly blinds him, while Nightcrawler jaunts to Storm's aid. The Cleaning Crew won't let up on trying to exterminate the X-Men, but the team decides to focus their attention on Donald Pierce instead. Meanwhile in Hong Kong, Red Lotus assures Marvel Girl that the Hellfire Club will rescue the imprisoned mutants from the Casino's slave auction. However Selene, who has been hunting Rachel since New York, attacks Lotus and begins feeding on him. This prompts Marvel Girl to engage her in combat but she has trouble striking Selene's malleable body. Upstairs in the casino area, Emma Frost realizes that Courtney and Viper's cover is blown. Selene prepares to feast on Marvel Girl but is repelled in a glorious display of power. Rachel also shares a romantic kiss with Red Lotus in her moment of victory. Marvel Girl then rushes to warn Emma of Selene's trap, but finds that things are well under control. Back in Paris, Sebastian Shaw is freed from his restraints and goes head-to-head with Donald Pierce. When it seems that Shaw is near defeat, he manages to gather up enough strength to decapitate the cyborg. As the X-Men recover from their wounds, more of them grow suspicious of Sage. None more than Shaw, curse Sage for having knowledge that would've saved him the injuries. Sage once again breaks ties with Shaw to hand over the Hellfire Club to a more worthy Lord Imperial, Roberto Da Costa.


  • In the previous issue, Emma Frost and Marvel Girl feign the titles of White Queen and White Warrior Princess, respectively.
  • Both Emma Frost and Sage have been prominent members of the Hellfire Club
  • Donald Pierce was killed in Uncanny X-Men #247, but rebuilt around Domino #2
  • Courtney Ross was replaced by Satyr-9 in Excalibur #5


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  • X-Men #129 (First encounter with the Lords Cardinal)
  • Uncanny X-Men #449 (Sebastian Shaw began reconstituting his Lord Cardinals, choosing Courtney Ross as White Queen and Viper, her White Warrior Princess)

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