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Quote1.png The very concepts of order and chaos will simply... cease. It will be the end of rational existence as we know it. Quote2.png

Appearing in "Season of the Witch Part 1 of 4"

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  • X-Uniforms
  • Holoempathic Crystal
  • Celestial Nullifier (First appearance)

Synopsis for "Season of the Witch Part 1 of 4"

The X-Men are in West Africa battling modern-day pirates when a large flash of light envelopes the landscape. Marvel Girl's holo-empathic crystal transports her and Psylocke to the safe threshold of the White Hot Room. Meanwhile, another wave of light rips through Otherworld; stripping away the boundaries between dimensions (branes). As Roma's Great Hall becomes a crowded refuge for all the collapsed dimensions, James Jaspers (merged with the Fury) attempts to overthrow the omniverse. Fortunately, he is quickly thwarted by Captain Britain. Brian is then approached by Saturnyne and his reality is blamed for the trans-temporal tsunami. She storms off to permanently remove Earth-616 and instructs her bodyguards to restrain him. After Brian defeats the group, he stops Saturnyne from using the Celestial Nullifier; but as quickly as he appears, Jaime Braddock destroys her weapon and vanishes. Later, Roma tells them that there is a breach in the walls of causality and if left unchecked all creation will merge into one amorphous blob. She gives Captain Britain and Meggan 48 hours to return to their reality and close the breach or else she will use the nullifier herself. Back in the "heart of the Phoenix", Psylocke is fascinated by all her alternate versions. Marvel Girl, however, has no present alternate self because of her uniqueness. Then as Psylocke looks at the void before her, she spots her insane brother Jaime, who instantly sends the two back to their newly shaped world. The girls land right in front of Braddock Manor, and are suddenly taken aback by the sight of a Sentinel standing before them.


  • Part 1 of 4 in the Uncanny X-Men: House of M event
  • Rachel Grey inherited a holo-empathic crystal that contains Jean Grey's essence.
  • Brian Braddock became ruler of Otherworld in Excalibur (Series 2) #4
  • Many alternate universe versions of Earth-616 characters are seen thrust into Roma's Cellestial Hall
  • The Fury is the creation of James Jaspers (Earth-238), the alternate version of the one that appears in this issue. The Fury was the one who killed the (Earth-616) version of James Jaspers and they merged during the reality fracture. The Fury was also defeated by the X-Men in Uncanny X-Men Vol 1 447.


  • The trans-temporal tsunami mensioned in this issue is the consequence of the Scarlet Witch's warping of the Earth-616 reality
  • Saturnyne's bodyguards, the Executive Action Committe, are made up of male counterparts to the X-Women of Earth-616
  • Marvel Girl explains to Psylocke that she's been seeing her brother Jaime for months now

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