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Brian Braddock

Appearing in "Season of the Witch Part 2 of 4: We're not in Kansas Anymore!"

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  • Royal Aircraft

Synopsis for "Season of the Witch Part 2 of 4: We're not in Kansas Anymore!"

At Braddock Manor, Marvel Girl and Psylocke are about to face off with a Sentinel when a flash of light alters their clothes and personalities. Betsy now reasons that the Sentinel is extra security for her brother's party. The two ladies enter the manor along with the other regal guests and are introduced as Princess-royal Elizabeth Gloriana and her lady-in-waiting. Lady Rachel telekinetically manipulates their clothes to better suit the party, while they are greeted by Brian and Meggan (king and Queen of the realm.) As the night passes, Brian has a terrible nightmare in which pieces of his mission to save his dimension are revealed to him. The next morning he gathers his wife, sister, and her lady-in waiting and tries to make sense of these visions. Then Brian's private secretary, Pete Wisdom, walks in with a visitor. Brian attacks his childhood friend Courtney Ross, thinking that she is the tyrant Opal-Luna Sat-Yr-9. Fortunately, after a short battle, Brian realizes it truly is Courtney Ross but no one can shed any more light on his confusing situation. News from MI-13 reveals that two mutant fugitives are being perused by the Marauders, and Brian intends on investigating. In the West Country Juggernaut is engaged in battle with all the Marauders. After a struggle he is finally subdued, but the bounty hunters are confronted with Captain Britain and his group before they can search for Nocturne. Rachel and Betsy sneak off in search for her, unknowingly perused by T-Rex, when they reach an abandoned house. The girls search for the invisible Nocturne in the darkness, where she cannot escape Rachel's telepathy. Nocturne is captured by Betsy's telekinesis but quickly escapes and tries to possess her. Unable to do so, Nocturne is shot back down and pleads for the women to not harm her.


  • Part of the House of M event.
    • "Season of the Witch Part 2 of 4" Story arc.
  • It should be noted that the characters portrayed in this issue are all from Earth-616, but by the manipulations of the Scarlet Witch, appear as their Earth-58163 counterparts. So while the credit of appearing in these issues should really belong to the 616 characters, visually, we're seeing the 58163 versions, so these are the characters who are credited.

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