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Quote1 This is a quantum tear in the very fabric of creation! When I was inside, I felt reality itself unraveling. Quote2
Betsy Braddock

Appearing in "Season of the Witch Part 3 of 4: To Die For"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


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Synopsis for "Season of the Witch Part 3 of 4: To Die For"

After assuring Nocturne's safety, Betsy and Rachel are ambushed by the Marauders in an abandoned building. Rachel allows Nocturne to possess her but is unable to convince Caliban. With the aid of Pete Wisdom they ward off the Marauders, but Rachel's possessed body flies off followed by Betsy. Brian prevents the Marauders from pursuing them but they are all concerned when Meggan morphs into Roma, Saturnyne, and Jaime Braddock. They urge Brian to remember his mission before they are all doomed. Meanwhile, Betsy catches up with Rachel and Nocturne and causes her to crash land with one of her katanas. The two engage in a battle of psychic blades and Psylocke bests Nocturne's dominance, freeing Rachel. Rachel allows the sleeping Nocturne to remain in her body and then travels with Psylocke to her childhood playground, the ruins of St, William's Tower. Using her psychometric powers, Rachel shows Betsy that the site used to be a Chinese fortress. As Betsy shares her family history, Rachel is startled by a lighthouse which, at its base, has an x-shaped hole slashed through reality. Betsy steps closer, thinking their powers would protect her, but she is sucked into the hole and reality manipulates her body. At the Braddock manor, Brian is given more visions, alerting him to the danger of the breach in the walls of causality and the time limit he has to seal it before Roma destroys his reality. He and Meggan are interrupted by Omega Sentinel and her squadron of Sentinels, where she declares them under arrest for high treason. Back at the lighthouse, Rachel manages to pull Betsy out of the rift where reality is unraveling. They are then inhibited by Banshee's scream allowing Nocturne to escape Rachel's body. The Marauders capture the fugitive as Betsy and Brian share each others thoughts and experience through their twin bond. Brian returns his attention back to Omega Sentinel and slams her through her team of Sentinels. She uses their damaged pieces to repair herself and angrily sentences Brian's entire family to death.


  • Part of the House of M event.
    • "Season of the Witch Part 3 of 4" Story arc.
  • It should be noted that the characters portrayed in this issue are all from Earth-616, but by the manipulations of the Scarlet Witch, appear as their Earth-58163 counterparts. So while the credit of appearing in these issues should really belong to the 616 characters, visually, we're seeing the 58163 versions, so these are the characters who are credited.

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