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Quote1 You are Captain Britain -- I am your lady! And this, my love, is what I was born to do! Quote2
Meggan Braddock

Appearing in "Season of the Witch Part 4 of 4: Chaos Rules"

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Synopsis for "Season of the Witch Part 4 of 4: Chaos Rules"

Brian and Meggan are unable to sway Omega Sentinel in assisting them to save all creation, so they continue to battle her and her relentless Sentinels. Close to the action, Captain UK and Justicer Bull reveal themselves to Pete Wisdom and Courtney Ross as assistance for Brian sent by Roma. Meanwhile Rachel, Betsy and Nocturne continue to fend off the greedy Marauders. Brian and Betsy are still "twin-synching" with each other, sharing experiences and emotions. Unfortunately, the stubborn Omega Sentinel refuses to listen to Brian's pleas and fires at Courtney Ross. As Brian mourns her apparent death, more Sentinels begin walking towards them. The Captain Britain Corps are left to deal with the gigantic beasts while Brian, Meggan and Pete go help out at the Lighthouse. But before they can seal the hole in causality, Omega arrives with her squadron to finish what she started. Betsy and Rachel deflect her powerful nuclear beam and as the flood of light clears, all that remains are the people in their protective telekinetic shield. The tear in causality is smaller now but they only have a few minutes before Roma nullifies Brian's universe. Juggernaut attempts to plug the hole with Blob's massive body but it is not enough to seal the hole. Meggan soars through the rift and calls forth the power of the Beyond, planning to seal the breach from both sides. A cloud of immense power, ready to repair the fabric of all realities, rages towards Meggan but she urges her husband to stay back. Brian and Betsy hold the tear while Rachel seals the breach from their side. As the wave hits the rift, all three heroes are pushed back. The group grieves over Meggan's sacrifice and Brian thanks his wife for saving their world from untold destruction.


  • Part of the House of M event.
    • "Season of the Witch Part 4 of 4" Story arc.
  • It should be noted that the characters portrayed in this issue are all from Earth-616, but by the manipulations of the Scarlet Witch, appear as their Earth-58163 counterparts. So while the credit of appearing in these issues should really belong to the 616 characters, visually, we're seeing the 58163 versions, so these are the characters who are credited.

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