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Jamie Braddock

Appearing in "The First FourSaken Part 1: Pulling Strings"

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Synopsis for "The First FourSaken Part 1: Pulling Strings"

In Northwest Kenya, a militia has seized a small village, threatening the locals while looking for Mutants. They're confronted by a vengeful Storm, who quickly humiliates and defeats the leader. The village leader warns her that others will come, to which Storm declares she's looking for their leader already.

At the Xavier Institute, the O*N*E are watching the X-Men. Rachel is in conference with her psychiatrist via telepathy, Bishop is checking up with Charlotte Jones in hospital, Cannonball is with his sister, talking with the Mutant internees on campus, and Psylocke and Kurt are sparing in the Danger Room. At that point, the cameras short out, due to the arrival of James Braddock, who disables the Sentinels with ease, and humiliates the O*N*E agents sent to arrest him by turning the ground beneath them to ice, and then dumping snow on them. The X-Men quickly attack, only for Braddock to use his powers to fool them into injuring one another. He's distracted by Bishop shooting him in the head, allowing Betsy to stab him with her katana. James briefly summons the Fury in order to stop his sister hurting him further, then kills and brings her back as a display of power. Before he can explain further, The Watcher appears above them. James demands he watches quietly, before explaining to Betsy what he did when he brought her back, making her immune to all manner of reality warping as a weapon. As he mentions something called "the Foursaken" a portal opens up, and a set of disembodied hands begin dragging him away, despite Bishop's best efforts. Holding her brother's abandoned hat, Betsy declares that this marks "the end of everything".


  • Jim mentions Betsy's death at the hands of Vargas, as happened in X-Treme X-Men Vol 1 1, explaining that he was the one who brought her back to life. He also mentions he was the one who made her immune to all manner of reality warping, something that has been a recurring theme with Betsy since her return.
  • Val Cooper denies she has any attraction to Bishop, something quite patently inaccurate in light of their behavior toward one another last issue.
  • Last issue, Wolverine was travelling with Storm on her journey through Africa. Since then, they've apparently gone their separate ways.
  • Once again, the O*N*E prove to be utterly useless in the face of an attack on the Institute, as they already have with the Purifiers in New X-Men and Apocalypse in X-Men. In fairness, this time they've been disabled by a reality warper.
  • In what might be a record for X-Men dying and coming back to life, Psylocke is killed by her brother and brought back within one page.


  • One of the O*N*E guards cracks a joke about everything being "all quiet on the Westchester front", a play on the famous book All Quiet on the Western Front, which is about German troops fighting in World War 1
  • Jim Braddock hums a song from the popular British band the Beatles as he messes with the X-Men, deciding Helter Skelter to be too obvious, and passing on Magical Mystery Tour.
  • Jim also references the old joke about death and taxes (both being considered the two certainties in life), and states they don't apply to him.

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