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Quote1.png Being a mutant isn't what we do, Tony... it's not a choice. So, do you want us to register for being born? Is that really who you are now? Quote2.png

Appearing in "X-Men: Divided (Part 1)"

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Synopsis for "X-Men: Divided (Part 1)"

Scott Summers walked around the destroyed X mansion, the area now littered with fallen Sentinels. He felt guilty for ending the team, and Emma began trying to convince him he'd done the right thing. It turned out Scott was merely dreaming, as the two were in a tree house they'd set up in the Savage Land. Two weeks ago Emma contacted Stark, getting him to meet up with Scott at the destroyed mansion. Stark told Scott about how he was being coerced into putting the X Men into the system. Scott told him about about Xavier's death, and how the team was disbanded.

In the present day Scott, and Emma continued their vacation in Savage Land. At night the two discussed why they loved Savage Land. They also discussed how they didn't really intend on ending the team, but could not lead it without Xavier. Ka-Zar, and Shanna met up the mutant couple. In Kurt, and Piotr were now in Germany. They met up with Logan at a bar, then the trio headed to a train station. After boarding, Kurt removed his disguise. The group planning to head to Russia, on Savage Land the group winessed a gruesome murder.

Emma spoke to Shanna about how Scott was studying the murderers, and how he'd do against them in combat. Later the two spoke about how they wouldn't let anything change their lives. The next day in San Fransico Warren flew through the skies, passing a bridge. He e-mailed Scott, who reviewed the message with Emma the next morning. He told Scott about how entire neighborhoods now lived in the 60's, and how he could not locate the others. A girl walked over to Warren, convincing him to come to a party.


  • Haight Ashbury, a district of San Francisco, is often credited with the being the place of origin for the hippie movement.

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