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Quote1.png You wanted to remember what it felt like before... when no one knew what you were... when it was simple. An' when Charlie Xavier's dreams sounded like hope... instead'a what they turned out to be. Quote2.png

Appearing in "X-Men: Divided (Part 2)"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Goddess
  • Unnamed Russian criminal gang members
  • Unnamed Red Room Commander

Other Characters:

Races and Species:




Synopsis for "X-Men: Divided (Part 2)"

Hepzibah is at a party in San Francisco, the area transformed into the 60's. However now Martinque aka the Goddess has brought Warren to the party taking place. Delilah and Eli, two hippies, speak about the "angel" that had come. Eli goes to visit Martinque, while Scott and Emma are heading to San Francisco. Emma tells Scott about how she can't form a telepathic link with Warren, Hepzibah, and the others meeting there. While the trio in Russia have stopped by the grave of Piotr's parents. Piotr having an influx of sad memories, and Logan wanted to acquire alcohol.

The trio later gets together at a bar, planning to catch their next train. Piotr discusses his childhood with the group, telling them he is ready to leave Russia. Logan tells Piotr the reason he wanted to come to Russia, was to experience a sense of nostalgia. Scott and Emma pass by a sleeping Celestial. Emma learns a powerful psychic is responsible for the events taking place in the city. Emma learns the mutant responsible for the situation is NOT in control of their ability.

Scott wards off some hippies, Logan tells the trio how he misses The Blob. Armed gunmen comes to rob the bar, so Logan stops the robber and his allies with ease. Piotr joins in the action, as Kurt evacuates the bartender. The trio then leave, one of the people rescued watching them. Two hours later in Moscow, a man is glad to learn that Colossus is back in Russia, and that his men are tracking the trio.

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