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Emma Frost

Appearing in "X-Men: Divided (Part 3)"

Featured Characters:


  • Red Room
    • Mech7
    • Mech3
    • Unnamed Mech
    • Unnamed Red Room commander
  • Goddess
  • SFPD

Other Characters:

  • Sentinels (Mentioned)
  • Several unnamed San Franciscan hippies
  • Eli
  • X-Men (Mentioned)

Races and Species:



Synopsis for "X-Men: Divided (Part 3)"

Wolverine, Colossus and Nightcrawler are sleeping in a train wagon in Russia. Suddenly, Wolverine smells something and tells the others to wake up. Suddenly, the wagon they are in is lifted by three mechs. Wolverine attacks one of them while Colossus destroys another mech. However, one mech blasts Colossus, knocking him unconscious. Wolverine and Nightcrawler are attacking one mech but the mech blasts Nightcrawler, sending him towards the ground. Wolverine catches Nightcrawler and uses his body to protect Nightcrawler from the fall. The three are unconscious and the mechs take them to their base, the Red Room.

In San Francisco, Cyclops and Emma are still investigating the 1960's illusion. Emma uses her telepathy to better sneak in the illusion. Then, she tries to locate the source of the illusion, which she thinks is a telepath who either is very powerful or lost control of his/her powers.

Meanwhile, in a room, Eli and the "Goddess" are speaking in how they met their friends. Eli thinks that the "Goddess" made the world beautiful again and that is why they were destined to meet each other. However, the "Goddess" detects Emma trying to get inside her thoughts. She then calls the police with her telepathy.

Emma fails in detecting the source of the illusion, and she and Cyclops are attacked by the police. Cyclops tells Emma that the cops are innocent men, and Emma understands and she tries to make them sleep. However, their minds are shielded against Emma's powers. Emma realizes the cops are not here to arrest them. Using her diamond skin as a shield, Emma allows Scott to subdue the cops with his optic blast. Cyclops and Emma then escape.

The "Goddess" realizes the the outsiders are the X-Men. She then prepares to fight them.

In Russia, Colossus awakens in the Red Room, where he is interrogated by an officer. The officer asks how in M-Day, Russia lost all of its mutant agents, while America was spared.

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