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Quote1.png I'm the mayor of San Francisco. And I'm really glad to meet all of you. Quote2.png
Mayor Sadie Sinclair

Appearing in "X-Men: Divided (Part 5)"

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Synopsis for "X-Men: Divided (Part 5)"

In San Francisco, a woman is blowing bubbles in the streets, still under the 60's illusion. Cyclops and Emma still fight Warpath, Angel, Hepzibah and Iceman, who are still under Martinique's control.

Meanwhile in Russia, Wolverine fights Omega Red. Wolverine manages to avoid Omega Red's attack and pierce him in the arm. Colossus then punches Omega Red, sending him to a wall. Colossus tries to attack him again, but Omega Red uses his tentacles to absorb some of his energy. Wolverine attacks him, freeing Colossus.

In San Francisco, Cyclops subdues the brainwashed X-Men while Emma weakens Martinique, aging Elin in the process.

In Russia, Wolverine continues fighting Omega Red, who absorbs some of Colossus's energy. However, Wolverine stabs him in the arm. Omega Red weakens Wolverine enough, to absorb Colossus's energy, returning him to normal form. Healing of his injuries, Omega Red tries to attack Wolverine again, but Nightcrawler appears and teleports Omega Red to the sky, leaving him to fall to the ground.

In San Francisco, Martinique loses control of the illusion and the city, its inhabitants and the brainwashed X-Men return to normal. Angel saves the woman seen at the beginning of the issue from being run over by truck. Emma and Cyclops then question Eli about Martinque's whereabouts. Eli replies that Martinque made everything good. Emma believes that Eli used Martinque to revive his glory days. Eli denies this, but Emma simply replies "Pathetic." and walks away with Cyclops. The X-Men then gather with the woman Angel saved. This woman is Sadie Sinclair, mayor of San Francisco.

In Russia, Wolverine, Colossus, Nightcrawler watch as S.H.I.E.L.D. takes Omega Red away. Wolverine receives a phone call from Cyclops, who tells him that it is time to go back home and that the X-Men must hang on to the future. Wolverine, Colossus and Nightcrawler then ride away in snowmobiles, to according to Wolverine, "whatever trouble Scott has gotten them into".

In the epilogue, Martinique is walking away from San Francisco where she is met by a mysterious woman. The woman tells Martinque that she saved her. She tells Martinique that her sister mutants will come here soon and that the Sisterhood will be ready for them.

The issue ends with a newspaper showing that the mayor has welcomed the X-Men to San Francisco and that the Initiative has been denied.


  • Incorrectly titled "X-Men: Divided (Part 4)", the title of the previous issue.


This is the first time Madelyne Pryor has been seen in years, long thought dead.

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