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Quote1.png You think you're the future? You think you're our leaders? We are doomed and wretched. It is not our place to integrate with these apes. We are armageddon. We are holocaust. We will be the end of man as surely as man would be the end of us... Quote2.png

Appearing in "Beginning To See The Light"

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Synopsis for "Beginning To See The Light"

Following Empath’s escape from the Hellfire Cult headquarters, the X-Men hunt him down on the streets of San Francisco. Left behind at the former S&M dungeon that served as the Cult’s lair, Cyclops and Emma Frost split up and investigate for clues. Suddenly, though, the Red Queen, pretending to be Emma, appears in Scott’s mind, dressed in a fetish outfit and invites him to have a telepathic sex session with her. Meanwhile, Pixie discovers the X-Men are after Empath. Wishing to exact revenge for the beating she endured at the hands of the Cult, Pixie tracks down Empath and reacts in kind, severely beating and even blinding him. Later, in Madripoor, a mysterious woman recruits the assassin known as Chimera, promising she will resurrect whomever Chimera wishes, if she joins her. Back in San Francisco, Scott and Emma enjoy Dazzler’s concert in a nightclub, when Cyclops suddenly spots a familiar face among the crowd… his deceased former wife, Madelyne Pryor!


  • It is stated in this issue that Sam Guthrie's birthday is October 17th, 1987. This issue is most likely supposed to be his 21st birthday party.

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