Quote1 I believe in neither magic nor superstition, Dr. McCoy, and if you touch my jacket again I'll spay you. Congratulations. The X-Men have found their genius. Quote2
-- Dr. Nemesis

Appearing in "Lovelorn" (Part 1) - Every Little Bit Hurts"

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Synopsis for "Lovelorn" (Part 1) - Every Little Bit Hurts"

In the wake of Shadowcat’s loss, a dejected Colossus keeps to himself and spends his days in his armored form. Cyclops and Emma Frost confront him over his depression and alert him that the X-Men need the “old Colossus” back. They think he should be off the team until he can come to terms with his loss.

Emma later confronts Cyclops over his peculiar behavior in the nightclub the other day and suggests he stops evading her questions. Undeterred, Cyclops invites her to pry into his thoughts, hoping to assuage her concerns. Emma visits Cyclops’ mindscape, which bears the form of a lush hotel crowded with various incarnations of every attractive woman Cyclops has laid eyes upon. Emma soon discovers a black box in one of the ‘hotel rooms’, which she identifies as the source of power that drew her inside Scott’s mind. However, she finds herself curiously unable to open or even touch the lockbox. Scott explains that, being the quasi-leader of mutantkind, he keeps some important secrets in that box which, if discovered, could potentially endanger their species. He further upsets Emma by revealing it was Jean Grey who once taught him how to perform that psychic trick.

Karma interrupts their session and invites them to the TV room. There, they are shocked to watch footage of the Cooperstown massacre on television, leaked to the press by Simon Trask and his organization.

Colossus tries to overcome his grief by dining in a restaurant with traditional Russian cuisine. However, a Russian mutant, whose body is covered with animated tattoos, shows up with his gang and threatens the life of the restaurant owner. Colossus hesitates to intervene, recalling how this man once threatened his father’s life in Siberia. Meanwhile, in Buenos Aires, Beast and Archangel succeed in recruiting Dr. Nemesis for their science team, tasked with reversing the effects of M-Day. In Mojoverse, Madelyne Pryor recruits Spiral and Lady Deathstrike into her Sisterhood.

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