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Quote1.png Write down the date and time you claimed to have intelligence. I expect it'll be the entry in your diary right before the one where you're eaten by giant crabs. Quote2.png
Dr. Nemesis

Appearing in ""Lovelorn" (Part 3)"

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Synopsis for ""Lovelorn" (Part 3)"

Colossus has joined the gang of a Russian mutant operating on San Francisco, hoping to vent his anger for Shadowcat’s loss by bringing the criminals to justice. While on a dock to pick up the contents of a cargo container one night, Colossus discovers that the container contains dozens of women smuggled from Russia and destined for labor or prostitution. Incensed, Colossus attacks his fellow gang members and releases the women, taking them under his wing. Back at the Graymalkin Industries in the outskirts of San Francisco, waves of depowered mutants arrive, one after the other, seeking refuge in the X-Men’s facility, in the wake of anti-mutant hate crimes taking place all over the country. The news media arrive at the scene and film Colossus entering the facility together with the immigrant women. With their base now catapulted into the public eye, Cyclops grows uneasy. Meanwhile, Piotr decides to confront the Russian mutant and punish him for his crimes, enlisting the aid of Emma Frost in the process. Elsewhere, on a remote island in Japan, Beast, Archangel, Madison Jeffries and Dr. Nemesis track down the brilliant Dr. Yuriko Takiguchi, whom they wish to enlist in their scientific team, tasked with reversing the effects of the M-Day. Takiguchi, however, isolated for years in his lab and deeming them as Russian agents who would steal his work, activates his ‘self-destruct’ mechanism: an unbelievably enormous and savage reptilian monster!


  • The "SHIELD Green Team" Beast refers to was more commonly known as the Godzilla Squad.


Yuriko Takiguchi has not been seen since the Godzilla series in 1979, around the time Marvel lost the rights to Godzilla, which were bought out by Dark Horse comics.

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