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Appearing in ""Lovelorn" (Part 4)"

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Synopsis for ""Lovelorn" (Part 4)"

In Kunashir Island, Japan, Beast, Archangel, Dr. Nemesis, Madison Jeffries and Dr. Yuriko Takiguchi find themselves under attack by one of Takiguchi’s creatures, a giant sea monster by the name Leviathan – Takiguchi’s ‘self-destruct mechanism,’ lest an enemy would attack his secret lab. Under the circumstances, Warren feels compelled to openly transform into his secret Death/Archangel persona in order to slay the formidable monster. After he kills Leviathan, however, he has to confront Beast, who is understandably shocked that Warren didn’t trust him with his secret. Meanwhile in San Francisco, Colossus and Emma Frost make short work of the tattooed mutant’s lackeys. Colossus then brutally beats the ringleader, just as the latter uses his powers to reveal Peter’s greatest fear: to deal with the loss of Shadowcat. Finally coming to terms with Kitty’s loss, Piotr later visits a tattoo shop and has her name tattooed on his chest. Meanwhile, Cyclops has a private discussion with Sadie, the mayor of San Francisco. A worried Sadie reveals that, in the wake of recent events, anti-mutant hysteria is building up and people are getting scared of Cyclops and his ‘mutant army.’ In a shuttle in outer space, seeking a way to reverse the decimation of mutants, Magneto and the High Evolutionary put into use the knowledge they gleaned from dissecting the brain of the Dreaming Celestial. Performing a dangerous technological procedure, the High Evolutionary exposes Magneto to painful amounts of energy, seemingly succeeding in restoring his mutant powers.


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