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Synopsis for "Sisterhood"

Madelyne and her Sisterhood approach Martinique's sister, Regan, offering to resurrect their father. She then sends Spiral, Deathstrike and Chimera to Tokyo, where they snatch up a coffin. At the same time, Domino is delivering flowers to the same site and fights them. She manages to stab Chimera in her chest with a bystander's sword before they retreated. Domino then calls Wolverine to ask "Who was Kwannon".

At Greymalkin Industries, Beat introduces the final member of the X-Club - Dr. Kavita Rao. He explains to them the details regarding M-Day and says that the mutant baby in the future is the key to saving mutantkind.

Meanwhile, Madelyne heals Chimera and then instructs the Sisterhood on how to perform the ritual to resurrect the body of Kwannon and to fill the vessel is a live one -- Psylocke. The ritual causes a massive psychic disturbance felt by Emma, the Cuckoos, Karma and Empath. Once the ritual is complete, Psylocke, in her old body which Kwannon died in awakens.



  • This issue marks the first time Karma is seen with another woman. Past comics have acknowledge Karma's orientation, but had never illustrated it.
    Xi'an Coy Manh (Earth-616) from Uncanny X-Men Vol 1 508 0001.png

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