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Appearing in ""Sisterhood" (Part 2)"

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Synopsis for ""Sisterhood" (Part 2)"

The X-Men have found a home in San Francisco, where they are treated as equals, to fit in like normal people and to do good as superheros. In one example, Surge is taking a good run in Chinatown, only to outsped by Northstar, who had been recently invited to join. However, outside the city, Simon Trask of Humanity Now! Coalition is calling to support in passing Proposition X, which would require all humans with the X-Gene to submit to birth control procedures for the good of their planet, citing the Cooperstown massacre as proof that newborn mutant children bring disaster; Mayor Sadie Sinclair is opposed to this. Cyclops is optimistic that this can be beaten. As the X-Men argue over the issue of maturity, Pixie strolls into the Danger Room to fight against simulated Hellfire Cultists.

Down in the lab, X-Club is debating on how to figure out how to save mutantkind. Madison Jeffries had perfected a device to go into the future, but also worked it for the past; Professor Takiguchi suggests that they study mutantkind's origins; Dr. Kavita Rao agrees but they need to study the parents of a first generation mutant to find out what lead to an evolutionary leap; Jefferies suggests asking Namor; Beast corrects him - Namor wasn't the first mutant but the first of the first mutant birth boom. They have to find the parents of a mutant from last century and all eyes fall on Dr. Nemesis. He reveals that through use of narcotics, he had stayed old and young, having been born in 1906 and conveniently, his parents lived in San Francisco; Jeffries suggests a field trip.

Meanwhile, Lady Mastermind is confused at seeing two Psylockes. The Red Queen explains that Betsy Braddock was once a British girl who ended up in the mind of a Japanese woman named Kwannon. She was traveling between parallel worlds before the Red Queen found her. Using magic, she bewitches the British Psylocke to obey her and then clothes her. She then explains to her Sisterhood that what they did was a test to see if a dead body could contain something as powerful as Psylocke, which they'll do again on another; the Sisterhood is outraged that she claimed to be able to resurrect any of the dead they wanted. Deathstrike attempts to slash her only for her claws to pass through the Red Queen, revealing that she is a psychic ghost in need of a host. She states that they will attack the X-Men, who are ignorant of their rise.

Later that night, Cyclops looks at Emma, quietly sleeping. He moves onto the living room and tries sleeping on the couch, only to be interrupted by Pixie, Dazzler and Northstar, having been out for a drink. They ask why he is not sleeping with Emma; Cyclops assures them everything is fine. Then suddenly, the walls start to move. Cyclops quickly remembers the technique was used by Mastermind. Then, Chimera's beast shapes burst through the wall. Emma then becomes aware of the attack, only to be trapped in a mental illusion by Lady Mastermind. Elswhere, Spiral attacks Colossus and Nightcrawler, paving the way for the Red Queen. Wolverine quickly wakes, only to be punctured by Deathstrike's claws; the Red Queen is pleased to see Wolverine, the very man she was looking for.


  • Northstar's last name is erroneously spelled Baubier instead of Beaubier.
  • Dr. Nemesis is established as having been born in 1906.

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