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Quote1 Well then, little spirit. Prepare. Quote2

Appearing in ""Sisterhood" (Part 3)"

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Synopsis for ""Sisterhood" (Part 3)"

X-23 finds a scared Armor, who informs her that all of the adult X-Men are out of commission. X-23 promises to lead them out of the facility. Unfortunately, they are right behind Chimera, who takes notice and attacks. Before X-23 could defend herself, Pixie teleports them out.

Elsewhere in the complex, Deathstrike pulled her claws out of Wolverine, bursting his lungs, which would heal. The red Queen then instruct Spiral to summon his new "playmate." His opponent turns out to be Psylocke. Deathstrike then joins in, while the Red Queen goes into his room and takes a small box. Wolverine leave the fight to demand to Maddy to not touch his stuff.

Meanwhile, Emma is trapped in a mental illusion casted by Lady Mastermind. Then she sees a red-haired figure, who she presumes to be Madelyne Pryor, but it is actually Jean Grey, who, with an image of the Phoenix in her hand, gives her the strength to fight back, literally, as Emma assumes her diamond form and brutally punches her opponent, declaring her a traitor to their race. She then rescues Cyclops from his absolute hell: class.

Pixie then bring the Stepford Cuckoos and Elixir to help out the wounded Colossus and Nightcrawler. Then, Chimera blasts the wall beside them. However, the Cuckoos engaged her in physical combat, while Pixie goes downstairs to take out Empath, who is the source of the X-Men's disability. The Red Queen then orders Spiral to get all their fellow sister mutants out. However, Wolveirne has his claws to Psylocke's neck, but Spiral claims that have hostages to hurt if he doesn't let her go; Cyclops rushes in and urges Wolverine to let her go, which he conceeds.

As the X-Men recuperate, Wolverine complains why X-Club wasn't involved in the fighting; Scott explains that they were quarantined in the Vault in case of security breach; he hates to lose assets. He then asks Logan what did the Red Queen want; he responds that she was after a lock of Jean Grey's hair he was keeping.

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