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Quote1 Lots of secrets filling these halls nowadays, Scott. More than normal for people like us. Logan leading a gang off to God knows where. Bloodstained clothes in the laundry. Warren transforming into Archangel again. To say nothing of what you've been up to, Miss Frost. Secrets, Scott. Secrets, Emma. In these times -- these awful, fractious times -- We... are all we have left. I'm taking the X-Club on a mission come daylight. I'll be gone some time. But when I get back, we're having it aaall out, do you hear me? These secrets will kill us. And I won't stick around to watch it happen. Quote2

Appearing in ""Sisterhood" (Part 4)"

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Synopsis for ""Sisterhood" (Part 4)"

Cyclops, Wolverine, Colossus and Northstar are in the Blackbird, planning their next move. Northstar asks if the two of the men are going to speak to each other anytime soon; they both say "Nope."

At the Sisterhood's hideout, Madelyne Pryor instructs her Sisterhood to perform the spell to locate Jean Grey's body as her new host. This psychic disruption is detected by Emma, who is not knocked out this time. She brings Karma, Dazzler and Storm with her. Once the spell is finished, Madelyne orders the Wyngarde sisters and Psylocke to stay behind to prepare for the X-Men, as she and the others leave for their destination. It is then that the female X-Men arrive.

Madelyne and her servants arrive at the remains of the Xavier Institute, where it was obvious that Jean would be buried. However, Domino had already exhumed the body; Chimera is ready for a rematch; Madelyne declares that she will die; Domino reacts quicker, accounting for any possible variable, but forget about Lady Deathstrike, only for Cyclops' team to arrive.

Back in San Francisco, Dazzler attempts to get through to Psylocke, but the personality inside her is a murderous spirit that Madelyne found across space-time and she is not the Betsy Bradlock she knows. Nonetheless, Dazzler retaliates, informing her opponent that they've broke the window is so that she could utilize the sounds of the city to generate a powerful laser that blasted off half her face. Then the real Psylocke resurfaced, fighting a spiritual duel against her doppelganger, which she is able to win, proving that the good in her is stronger. She then returns to her Japanese body.

Back at Xavier's, Cyclops' team is engaged with the Sisterhood. Cyclops himself attempts to stop his ex-wife but his optic blasts went right through her. She congratulated him for making "insult, injury, and iron, all in one shot." She then opens the coffin, planning on granting him his wish of her becoming Jean all over again; he pleads her not to do this and offers his help; she rebuffs his attempts and begins her transformation. But then she realizes something is wrong; the corpse isn't Jean, but merely another one replaced by Domino before she arrived. Because only Jean's body could contain her, Madelyne is annihilated. With their leader gone, Spiral recalls the rest of the Sisterhood.

Later, back at Graymalkin Industries, Beast comes into Scott and Emma's room, demanding some answers: Logan leading a team into nowhere, bloodstained clothes in the laundry, Warren turning back into Archangel; as well as what Emma has been up to. They can't have secrets, which may destroy all that have left in such dangerous times. He announces that he's going on a mission with X-Club tomorrow and when he gets back, "we're having it aaall out...!"

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