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Quote1.png It chose to stand here because of what lies beneath its feet. The past and the future of mankind's evolution... Quote2.png
Dr. Nemesis

Appearing in "The Origin of the Species"

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Synopsis for "The Origin of the Species"

X-Club, along with Angel and Psylocke plan on traveling back to 1906, before Dr. Nemesis was born, to gather DNA samples from his parents so that they can investigate the emergence of the modern mutant race. Psylocke is essential so that she can psychically disguise Beast. The time travel devices that they've invented have a dangerous side-effect that involves death, so they have to return in thirty-two and a half hours.

At 1906, Nicola Bradley is trying to envision how to perfect his device. While he is concentrating, four masked men attempt to attack him only to be warded off by Nicola's wife Catherine, as he escapes with the device. Next day, they tell Cornelius Shaw and his associate Salome about what happened. They have great interest in Nicola's device, which can produce wireless, free and unfettered energy.

The X-Club then turn up at the Bradleys' household, however, Nemesis doesn't want to meet his parents from before he was born. But once they knock, Catherine scares them off.

Cornelius and Salome then drive off, with the former ranting on of how dumb Nicola is, as they come in to a mansion with the Hellfire Club symbol on it. However, Donald Pierce is very angry that they failed to retrieve the device. He justifies that their seers have foreseen (using some sort of inhalant) that "Overmen" (mutants) will rise soon.

Meanwhile, Nicola had just finished his invention. When he runs upstairs to tell his wife, he finds out that she is pregnant. He brings the device to Cornelius and Salome, only to be captured as his device is installed in what looks like an early version of a Sentinel, intend on snuffing out Overmen. The mansion is then then attacked by Beast, Psylocke and Jeffries and rescued Nicola.

Catherine is attacked by Hellfire Club thugs, but she is rescued by Archangel, Takiguchi and Rao. However, Catherine faints and is attended to by Nemesis, who determines that her child is a boy. But just then, the rest of X-Club at being chased by the Sentinel. They managed to take it down with a massive amount of electricity. Unfortunately, Nicola is impaled. Suddenly, an earthquake also occurs. Before leaving, Nemesis instructs his mother to bury the samples in Golden Gate Park.

In the present, Angel is shocked that they caused the earthquake of 1906. When they go to the site where the samples were buried, they find that the Dreaming Celestial is standing on top of them. Nemesis states that the Celestial stands there because the past and future of mankind's evolution is here.

Nemesis goes back to 1906, to ensure his own birth, as his mother dies in labor.


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