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Quote1 You had a dream; I have a plan. Quote2
Cyclops to Professor X

Appearing in "Nation X, Chapter 1"

Featured Characters:

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  • X-Men Speedboat
  • Cyclops' Jetpack (Mentioned)

Synopsis for "Nation X, Chapter 1"

At a diner in the middle of a desert, a group of mysterious superhumans attack Scalphunter and subdue him.

Meanwhile, on the newly formed Utopia, Psylocke brings in breakfast for Dr. Takiguchi. Unfortunately, just as he receives his tray, he dies.

Elsewhere on the island, Cyclops is discussing with Namor, Emma, Storm, Xavier, Beast and Iceman over their logistics issues with power and drinkable water. Namor then questions as what he refers Utopia as: a refuge, reservation or sovereign nation. Cyclops answers that he just doesn't know, as he is just making this up as he goes along. Things then get tense when Emma and Storm start to argue, before Psylocke walks in to tell them of Takiguchi's passing. X-Club is then gathered over his body, wishing their friend peace.

Down at the docks of the island, Cyclops is ready to depart for San Francisco. However, Xavier follows him to chastise him for his lack of empathy during the meeting and expresses his fear of Cyclops losing his humanity. Cyclops assures him that everything is fine except for Takiguchi's death. However, now he has bigger concerns: telling the U.S. that they are not a threat. Xavier asks to come with him to which Cyclops objects, pointing out that the whole world thinks that he's with Norman Osborn and needs to stay hidden. Xavier shoots back that everyone thinks he is preparing an army and warns his student that he is gambling with lives.

At Graymalkin Industries, former X-Men HQ, Nightcrawler teleports both Emma and Danger inside. Danger asks why she was brought here. Emma answers that they have dangerous individuals in their base. However, she feels that there is a chance to redeem them and asks Danger to use her abilities to rehabilitate the prisoners. Danger accepts.

Back in Utopia, X-Club is debating over where they will host Takiguchi's funeral. Beast says that they will host it here.

At city hall, Cyclops meets with Mayor Sadie Sinclair to ask for logistical support with Utopia's inhabitant. In disbelief, Sinclair tells him that there hasn't been a federal warrant for him since he had formed Utopia. She then asks him what he is going to do next.

Later, Beast gives the eulogy at Takiguchi's funeral. Cyclops watches from afar, before walking to see Emma up on the balcony. Emma reacts coldly to their friend's death. Agitated, Cyclops demands to know why she is acting like this. Emma explains that being stuck in diamond form with a sliver of the Void in her head has strained her emotions.

Suddenly, there is a bright flash of light and they see Magneto hovering above.

Solicit Synopsis

The effects of UTOPIA are felt here! One of the original X-Men makes his exit!

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