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Quote1.png There is no future, Scott. I was wrong. Homo superior is not the future of man. We're its vestigial tail. But you... look what you've accomplished. While Charles and I were engaged in an endless tug-of-war, you forged your own path. You did what neither of us could accomplish. As our kind stands on the precipice of extinction itself and gazes into the abyss... You united the mutant race. Quote2.png

Appearing in "Nation X, Chapter 2"

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  • C-17 Globemaster

Synopsis for "Nation X, Chapter 2"

Scalphunter is hung over a pit filled with five Predator X. Lobe, the leader of the mysterious group of superhuman who captured him offer him a job. He tells him to deliver Predator X to Utopia via plane, claiming that it will save mutantkind.

Meanwhile, in Utopia, Magneto, who had arrived out of nowhere, apologizes for interrupting Dr. Takiguchi's funeral and asks to see Cyclops. Cyclops and Emma rush towards Magneto, believing that he's here on Utopia to attack them. Magneto assures them that he means no aggression. He gives Cyclops his helmet that protects him from telepathy. However, Xavier believes it to be a trap. Cyclops stands up for Magneto and tells his mentor to stand down, though he has Psylocke close by, ready to stab Magneto with her psi-blades. Magneto explains that he contacted the High Evolutionary to find out how to solve the riddle of M-Day. They had taken a component from the Dreaming Celestial to use in an ill-conceived attempt to restore his powers. It worked for him but wouldn't work for others. He now accepts that mutants are not the future. However, he congratulates Cyclops for uniting mutantkind, whereas he and Xavier had been fighting for decades. Cyclops tells him that Cable is looking after the last known mutant baby born -- Hope, who will return one day from the future. Wolverine then rushes into the meeting room to inform everyone of Scalphunter's approach. Detecting that the interior is shielded, Cyclops sends Nightcrawler to check it out. Upon seeing Predator X, he teleports back and tells Cyclops to shoot the plane down.

Solicit Synopsis

"NATION X” PART 2 (of 8) He returns.


Continuity Notes

  • Storm being seen among those depicted on Utopia is a continuity error as she makes an entrance in Uncanny X-Men #517 when she claims she has just arrived at the island.

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