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-- Beast

Appearing in "Nation X, Chapter 5"

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Synopsis for "Nation X, Chapter 5"

In a small cafe, a young boy tells Fantomex about how he found his girlfriend's dead body down in their underground home, before he was chased by a Predator X.

Meanwhile, in Utopia, Professor X tries to psychically restrain Cyclops, who has been overtaken by the Void. Emma opts to go into his head and if she fails, Psylocke rams her psy blades into both their heads. At the time, Cyclops is being attacked by the Void, inside his own mind.

Elsewhere, X-Club and Magneto have no success in achieving the necessary power required to keep the island from sinking. Just then, Madison Jefferies sees thousands of nanobots in the air, which he is able to gather together. He theorizes that whoever sends the Predator X to Utopia planned on having the hunters killed to unleash the bots on them. Already, the nanites have studied the X-Men, whom they are and how their powers work, sending all the info back to their boss. Magneto decides to leave and find a more suitable option to save Utopia. He negotiates with Namor to have the Atlanteans build a pillar to support Utopia, as well as serve as a refuge. As he disembarks to the surface, Beast sees him. Iceman interrupts his process of thought and asks what's wrong. Beast answers that he does not know.

Back in Cyclops' mind, he fights gainst the Void, but being displayed as an army of shadowy women he used to take an interest in. Just then, Emma, dressed in an army suit, rescues him. As they run from the Void, Emma explains the situation. Unfortunately, the entity separates them, attempting to seduce Cyclops to the dark side. He makes it to his room marked with an X, where he manages to contain the Void in his black box. He then returns to consciousness, swearing never to open the door again. Just as he wakes up, Beast comes in. After an unheard argument with him, Cyclops tells everyone that Beast is taking a leave of absence.

Solicit Synopsis

Cyclops takes a voyage into the head of Emma Frost in hopes of containing the horrifying piece of the villainous Void that has been stuck there since UTOPIA. Can they possibly defeat the awfulness that has haunted the most powerful being in the Marvel U? Tensions are rising on Utopia as the X-Men deal with the new members of their team and the fact that the island is…well…sinking. And Wolverine and a classic pal take one of the craziest journeys you’ve ever seen. Parts 4 and 5 (of 8).


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