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Quote1 You didn't help? I mean who cares what they're doing or why -- you didn't go with them? 'Cause, like, the X-Men are kind of the coolest thing going, dude. Quote2
—Unidentified mutant boy

Appearing in "Nation X, Chapter 6"

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Synopsis for "Nation X, Chapter 6"

On top of Mt. Tamalpais, Magneto is apparently meditating. Cyclops and Emma Frost climb up to learn what he is doing. However, Magneto has blocked them out, both mentally and physically. Apparently, he is concentrating very hard on something, even though he is sweating and bleeding. They decide to contact X-Club to find out what's he's looking for.

In New York, Wolverine has impaled Lobe, but the latter doesn't feel pain, having somehow imitated his healing factor, before headbutting him. As Lobe' group fights the X-Men, he reveals that they nanites they unleashed from the Predator X on Utopia were to study how their powers work, so that they can turn all humans into mutants. His preaching is interrupted by Fantomex. Lobe shouts that he knows every X-Man; Fantomex said that he's not an X-Man, bringing up his guns.

Meanwhile, the X-Man Atlantean mutant Crosta is greeting a group of immigrating Atlanteans to Utopia. Next thing he knows, X-Club pops up in their sub, asking to see Namor so that they could assist in finishing the sea pillar that keeps Utopia aloft.

Back in New York, Fantomex has E.V.A. destroy Lobe's entire database on mutant powers, giving the X-Men the upper hand. However, Lobe, refusing to lose, unleashing his HX-N1 virus in the complex, meant to kill mutants. Fantomex orders EVA to surround the X-Men before they succumb. Lobe then swears that this isn't over and reveals that his real boss was John Sublime. Fantomex flies EVA out of the complex. Contacting Cyclops, Fantomex informs him that he had obtained samples of the HX-N1 virus for the X-Men to study and find a vaccine for.

Back in Utopia, X-Club determines that Magneto is drawing the massive bullet that Kitty Pryde is trapped in.

Solicit Synopsis


There's a rogue Predator X stalking mutants beneath New York City and it's down to Wolverine and Fantomex to hunt it down. There's an island in the San Francisco Bay that the mutants call home and it's slowly sinking -- and only King Namor can save the day. And meanwhile, in San Francisco, a supermob is making life hard in Chinatown...somebody call the X-Men! Part 6 (of 8)

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