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Quote1 Give us time and we'll figure out a way to pick you apart, too. That's all you people are to us: scrap materials to be recycled and repurposed for a better tomorrow. Courtesy of John Sublime. Quote2

Appearing in "Nation X, Chapter 7"

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Synopsis for "Nation X, Chapter 7"

In New York, Wolverine, Psylocke and Colossus continue to battle Lobe and his associates. During the battle it is revealed that they want to become like the X-Men and have studied all the X-Men for a long time. Fantomex arrives though and his “ship” EVA takes down the controls which send Lobe and his associates the information about the X-Men, so the battle is turned in favor of the X-Men. That is until Lobe releases a deadly mutant plague, tailor made to affect at least 134 known mutants with a power-dampening influenza super strain. That is when Lobe’s connection to John Sublime is revealed. Fantomex and the X-Men escape in EVA, and Fantomex recounts that information to Cyclops. Refugee Atlanteans are welcomed to New Atlantis, before Madison Jeffries and Doctor Nemesis arrive to help finish constructing the pillar beneath Utopia. Cyclops and the White Queen find Magneto on top of a mountain, where he has blocked himself off to them physically and mentally. The X-Club believe they have figured out what Magneto is doing, however, and in deep space, Shadowcat believes that the spaceship she is keeping in a phased state has just changed course.

Solicit Synopsis

“NATION X” What on Earth is Magneto doing on top of Mt. Tamalpais, just across the Golden Gate Bridge from San Francisco? He’s not telling and the X-Men Psychics can’t get it out of his brain. But he’s been up there for days plotting something that will rock the X-Verse to its core. All this while Wolverine, Psylocke, Colossus and Fantomex take on the foes that have been plaguing the X-Men since the start of “Nation X”. Part 7 (of 8)

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