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Quote1.png Tracking them through conventional methods has proven fruitless; whether that's a technology he possesses, or an ability the girl is manifesting we can determine later. For the time being...all of our mutant-hunting methodologies are functionally useless. As are the X-Men's -- but we, unlike them, are not completely blind. Because I've planned on absolutely everything. The techno-organic virus that allowed me to resurrect you all burns within Cable as well. We won't track the X-Men. We won't track the girl. We won't even track Cable, but rather, we'll track the virus itself. X marks the spot. You'll pardon the irony, I'm sure. Quote2.png

Appearing in "Second Coming (Chapter Two)"

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Synopsis for "Second Coming (Chapter Two)"

On the run from Bastion’s forces, Cable and Hope Summers rob a supermarket for supplies and hot-wire a car.

Meanwhile, Wolverine reveals to Nightcrawler and the rest of the X-Men that there is a war brewing against Bastion and the Human Council, and that X-Force has been secretly on the front lines. Cyclops, telepathically connected to the team back on Utopia, admits to sanctioning X-Force’s actions. He orders the team to put their feelings aside and protect Hope at all costs.

Scott then connects with the New Mutants, mid-air in the Blackbird, and orders them to destroy Cameron Hodge’s weapons facility in St. Louis.

Hope and Cable make it to a motel and plan to rest for the night. Cable sees in a newspaper that the X-Men have moved to San Francisco.

At his base in Washington, D.C., Bastion describes to the Human Council how he can track the techno-organic virus - the same one he used to resurrect all of them - within Cable. He orders William Stryker and his Purifiers to the motel and asks Cameron Hodge for an update on towers that are being built for some unsaid purpose.

In their motel room, Cable is in the process of hacking the surrounding network when he is shut out entirely. He and Hope go on high alert as the lights go dark and the Purifiers spread out in the parking lot outside. From the Blackbird, Cypher detects the electrical outage and relays the location to Cyclops, who directs the X-Men to the motel. They arrive in the middle of a firefight. Meanwhile, in the air over St. Louis, the New Mutants descend on Cameron Hodge’s facility.

Solicit Synopsis

The race to find Cable and Hope is on, but who will get to them first? Will it be Cyclops and the X-Men or Bastion and his mutant-hating cabal? Cyclops isn’t waiting for the answer to that as takes the fight directly to Bastion with the New Mutants!


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