Quote1 Tracking them through conventional methods has proven fruitless; whether that's a technology he possesses, or an ability the girl is manifesting we can determine later. For the time being...all of our mutant-hunting methodologies are functionally useless. As are the X-Men's -- but we, unlike them, are not completely blind. Because I've planned on absolutely everything. The techno-organic virus that allowed me to resurrect you all burns within Cable as well. We won't track the X-Men. We won't track the girl. We won't even track Cable, but rather, we'll track the virus itself. X marks the spot. You'll pardon the irony, I'm sure. Quote2
-- Bastion

Appearing in "Second Coming (Chapter Two)"

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The race to find Cable and Hope is on, but who will get to them first? Will it be Cyclops and the X-Men or Bastion and his mutant-hating cabal? Cyclops isn’t waiting for the answer to that as takes the fight directly to Bastion with the New Mutants!


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