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Quote1.png Oh please. How much longer will you pretend to care about Scott Summers? You are the woman so brash as to name herself queen. You deserve a king. A leader of men. Not a boy playling at being soldier. Quote2.png

Appearing in "The Five Lights (Part 2) - Velocidad"

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Synopsis for "The Five Lights (Part 2) - Velocidad"

In Mexico City, Mexico, Gabriel Cohuelo does his test. Suddenly, he collapses and starts seizing. His parents try to help, but Psylocke and Dr. Cecilia Reyes appear.

In Napa Country, California, Emma Frost and Tony Stark talk about the new age of heroes. Tony says that all people that stands for good should fight together now. Emma and Tony toast.

In Utopia, Emma goes to the brig and asks Danger about Sebastian Shaw. Danger says that he is fine, but Emma is still nervous about Shaw being a secret prisoner. Noting Emma's anxiety, Danger asks if she is worried. Emma furiously replies that she is not worried, but then, Madison appears to tell Emma that Peter and Kitty are asking her to go to the sick bay. Emma accepts and leaves.

Psylocke and Reyes still try to help Gabriel. Psylocke notes that Gabriel's thoughts are moving too fast. Later, Dr. Reyes talks with Gabriel's parents, saying that the X-Men have the resources needed to help Gabriel to develop his powers. Psylocke then tells Reyes that something happened to Gabriel. He seemingly disappeared, but his mind and essence are still in the room. Psylocke borrows Reyes's abilities and contacts Scott Summers.

Scott, who is drinking with Logan in a bar, receives Psylocke's call and tells her to keep the room sealed until Hope Summers arrives. Scott talks with Logan about what has happened after the war. Logan is still angry about Kurt's death.

Emma gets to the sick bay and helps Peter and Kitty to communicate telepathically.

Hope and Laurie get to Gabriel's house. Psylocke then opens a gateway so that Hope can get to Gabriel.

In Atlantis, Emma has dinner with Namor. As they eat, Namor says that what will happen to Scott when Hope comes.

Hope manages to touch Gabriel, which returns him to normal speed.

Emma then watches Shaw sleep. As Emma leaves, Shaw smiles.

Solicit Synopsis

“THE FIVE LIGHTS,” The fallout of SECOND COMING is still taking its toll on the X-Men. We can’t tell you anything else until the end of SECOND COMING! Part 2 (of 4)

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