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Quote1.png You're one of us now, Idie. And for all the good that comes from walking with our numbers... trouble is never very far away. Quote2.png

Appearing in "The Five Lights (Part 3)"

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Synopsis for "The Five Lights (Part 3)"

In Delta State, Nigeria, Idie Okonkwo is hiding in a house, surrounded by soldiers. The soldiers try to kill her but Storm and Hope Summers arrive.

Bobby Drake talks with Kate Katdare in Los Angeles. Katdare says to Bobby that if she is going to represent the X-Men, she is going to need the X-Men to be honest to her about everything that's happened to them. Bobby agrees, saying that Magneto is back. Shocked, Katdare says that she will need a lot of overtime.

Meanwhile, in Utopia, Emma has dreams about Shaw. Emma visits Shaw, saying that she has to get him out of her life forever.

In Atlantis, Commander Krang and Subcommander Selach talk to Namor. They believe that Namor should attack all Atlanteans that are not in the kingdom. Namor disagreees, and Selach says that Namor is weak and distracted by the surface world and Emma Frost. Namor attacks him and dismisses the two. Selach is angry, and Krang replies that Namor will need their help.

Storm and Hope talk with Idie, who unwillingly attacks them with a stream of fire. Storm blocks the flames.

Emma helps Peter and Emma communicate again, but Kitty says that she wants to talk to Emma in private.

Meanwhile, Northstar and Dazzler are fighting Nekra and Frenzy outside the Museum of Modern Art. After a short battle, Nekra and Frenzy are defeated.

Hope touches Idie, allowing her to control her powers. The three come out of the house, where they are attacked by the soldiers. Storm manages to scare them off.

Emma and Kitty discuss about having Shaw prisoner. Kitty then says that she can help Emma make Shaw disappear.

Solicit Synopsis

“THE FIVE LIGHTS” SECOND COMING is nearing it’s end, so you’ll soon get all kinds of info as to what’s coming from Matt Fraction (IRON MAN) and Whilce Portacio (HULK). Here’s something to whet your appetite- Kitty Pryde & Emma Frost’s first encounter since Kitty took her trip in a bullet. Part 3 (of 4)


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