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Quote1.png Comrades, you come to this country and you have fallen back on the old ways. Allowed yourself to fall under the sway of gangsters, thugs, and pimps. Rather than acting for the benefit of the collective, you acted for the benefit of yourselves. Namely, self-perseverance. Rather than standing together, you stood apart and allowed the bourgeoisie to exploit the fruits of your labors. Comrades. The revolution has arrived. Quote2.png
Collective Man

Appearing in "Quarantine: Part 1"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:

  • Namor (Mentioned)
  • Unidentified Utopian students
  • Unnamed merchant
  • Several unnamed journalists
  • Yang (Head only)
  • Lin (Head only)
  • Kao (Head only)
  • Han (Head only)
  • P'eng (Head only)
  • SFPD
    • Unnamed policemen
  • Unnamed bank robbers

Races and Species:




Synopsis for "Quarantine: Part 1"

Anole checks in with Kavita Rao as he has contracted the HX-N1 virus, along with many others on Utopia - so Cyclops orders the island be put under quarantine - no one in and no one out. Northstar and Dazzler’s night out in San Francisco is interrupted with a call from Cyclops, explaining the situation. In Chinatown, the Collective Man attempts to take control of the organized crime unit. Angel and Kate Kildaire hold a press conference, assuring the media that the outbreak has not spread to humans, while Cyclops tells the White Queen not to come back to Utopia. At Sublime HQ, Lobe introduces five young people to a drug which gives them powers - each modeled after the original X-Men. On Utopia, Wolverine succumbs to the virus, while on the mainland, the only X-Men left are Northstar, Dazzler, Pixie and Angel - who has called in Storm to help them. When the police fail to stop an armed robbery, Lobe’s very own “X-Men” show up. The White Queen, Fantomex and Shadowcat continue on their voyage with Sebastian Shaw, the White Queen’s prisoner.

Solicit Synopsis

“QUARANTINE” Is there anything worse than that slow, sinking, feeling like you're getting sick? You can't get warm. Your bones hurt. Your throat closes and your chest gets too heavy every time you breathe and then you know you're doomed... so what if it happened to all the X-Men, all at once? The Sublime are back and they've unleashed a contagion on Utopia. To what end? Why now? And what's next? Who's left in San Francisco to deal with the Collective Man? Related: where does Dazzler get all her awesome outfits? Part 1 (of 5)

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