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Appearing in "Quarantine (Part Four)"

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Synopsis for "Quarantine (Part Four)"

In China, the fight between Emma and Shaw continues. Kitty phases her arm through Shaw's chest. Although Kitty is unable to solidify, Shaw believes that Kitty will kill him. Emma uses this to engage in conversation with Shaw.

In Utopia, Logan brings "Angel" to Scott. The three feel weakened, Logan and Scott due to the mutant plague, and "Angel" due to the mutant druge losing its effects. Scott tries to get "Angel" to tell him where Lobe is, but "Angel" is not cooperative. Scott applies pressure and "Angel" gives him the address. There will be a party in Triumph Hill Ballroom, Richmond. Scott gets the address to the X-Men in San Francisco, and berates "Angel" for falling right into Lobe's plan.

In the Triumph Hill Ballroom, Lobe announces his drugs, and he will give them to anyone for the right price. Angel, Pixie, Dazzler, Northstar and Storm watch everything from the rooftop, and they are attacked by Burst, Thug, Verre and Bouncing Betty.

In China, Shaw sees through Kitty's ruse and attacks Emma. However, Fantomex shoots him with an incendiary bullet. Shaw continues his attack. Emma tries to use her telepathy to stop Shaw, but this fails. She assumes her diamond form and runs from Shaw.

In San Francisco, the X-Men take out Bouncing Betty and her allies, and attack Lobe. However, Lobe consumes a drug and obtains Cyclops's powers. He then gives drugs to his investors, and they obtain Wolverine and Deadpool's powers. Angel informs the situation to Scott. Recieving the signal, Scott tells Danger to assemble any X-Man who can stand and get them to the landing pad. They are breaking quarantine.

Solicit Synopsis

“QUARANTINE” Part 4 (of 5). The public gets what the public wants - and the public wants “X-Men.” The Sublime Corporation is here to provide, at a cost. Both financially and for the safety of the entire world. It's the gala product launch that everyone will be talking about. If only the actual X-Men weren’t dying of the power-sapping flu on Utopia so they could stop this.


  • Lobe's quote "To me, my investors!" is an homage to Professor X's catch phrase "To me, my X-Men", first used in X-Men #1.

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