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Appearing in "Breaking Point (Part 3)"

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Synopsis for "Breaking Point (Part 3)"

Kruun attacks the sleeping Colossus with his own version of the cure and hurts Kitty with a dagger made of the same metal as the Breakworld bullet. He then forces Piotr to fight against him and makes Kitty take off her spacesuit. After the fight, Kitty runs away searching for help but finds that Kruun paralyzed Cyclops and rendered Emma Frost unconscious.

Finally, Kitty finds the meditating Wolverine, who is awakened by Kruun's smell. While the small Canadian and the big Breakworldian fight, Kitty runs back to the compound to find help. She phases down through the floor until she gets to the X-Club laboratory, where she finds Kruun's mate, Haleena. Haleena slashes Kitty's throat with yet another Breakworld dagger.

Solicit Synopsis

Breaking Point Part 3 (of 4) What can one alien do with a single knife on an island packed full of some of the most powerful mutants on Earth? Anything he wants -- as long as none of them are awake. Revenge runs red and debts are bloodily settled as BREAKING POINT approaches its climax.

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