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Kitty Pryde

Appearing in "Breaking Point (Conclusion)"

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Synopsis for "Breaking Point (Conclusion)"

During their fight, Kruun uses his bullet of gravity-defying metal against Wolverine and stabs him with his dagger while Kitty runs with a first-aid kit to the injured Piotr. Because Haleena had stabilized her before, she was able to wake up the X-Men but Kruun can flee to the lab where he finds the dead Haleena in a ring, which she used to give Kitty her life force after she killed her to rebuild her body. Kruun decides to give Haleena the most of his own life force.

Finally, the emigrated Breakworldians build their own home in the dilapidated part of San Francisco called "Breakworld-Town" and live there in peace.

Solicit Synopsis

Blood has been shed on the island of Utopia as Powerlord Kruun’s Night of the Knives draws to a close. Who has perished? Who has survived? Discover the answers as vengeance rears its ugly, alien head!

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