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Synopsis for "Losing Hope"

Transonic and Oya urge Hope to get out of her room for some fresh air, rather than picking apart and then reassembling her guns. Reluctantly, Hope concedes. But before they go off into San Francisco, they call Primal, who was sparring with Wolverine. They go clothes shopping. Then suddenly, someone drops a flash grenade and a group of mercenaries kidnap Hope. Transonic races to Utopia to warn everyone about the kidnapping. Wolverine is on it.

Hope wakes up as the captive of Frank Bohannan, aka, the Crimson Commando. He explains to her that his mutant abilities had him in World War II. And then some years back, he was remade as a cyborg after being blasted by a bomb on a mission in the Middle East. Problem is, since M-Day sapped his powers, his cybernetics are threatening to tear him apart. That's why he kidnapped Hope, believing that a touch from her will restore his powers. Hope headbutts him. Annoyed, Bohannan demands that Hope help his voluntarily or he'll have her vivisected to find out.

As he leaves, Wolverine sneaks in through a ventilation shaft and helps Hope escape. However, none of the X-Men are coming, as Bohannan has put up a dampening field that blocks radio communications and telepathy. As they make a break for it, Bohannan turns up in a chopper, which fires on them. Hope jumps out before the truck is scrapped and Wolverine is charred. To protect him, Hope flings Wolverine into a bush before she is shot in the legs by Bohannan. He interrogates Hope as to Wolverine whereabouts, believing that it's better to finish him off before he heals. And he has no qualms about mutilating Hope to get what he wants. But Hope's power mimicry enables her to copy Wolverine's healing factor. Wolverine then comes back, killing Bohannan and his men.

The two then discuss the possibility of Hope losing it. Therefore, Hope consents to allowing Wolverine to take her out if necessary.

Solicit Synopsis

Hope has been kidnapped and there is only one mutant who can track her down: Wolverine! And when Mutantkind needs their messiah more than ever, will Logan do what’s necessary to find Hope? Will the source of his animosity for the red-headed savior finally be revealed?

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