Sadie Sinclair (Earth-616) from Uncanny X-Men Vol 1 515 0001
Mayor Sadie Sinclair
So--Plan B?
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Uncanny X-Men Vol 1 514 page 00 - Scott Summers (Earth-616)
No. Not Plan B. Plan 2.
"Plan B" implies we only have 26.
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Cyclops, Emma Frost and Sadie Sinclair discuss in Emma's conference room about how they could stop the Juggernaut. Emma starts to distract his followers mentally with the help of Cerebra, while Cecilia Reyes protects civilians. After Cyclops found out that his helmet can be damaged, he sends Hope Summers with several mutant powers to remove it. After that, Emma tries to enter Juggernaut's mind, but ends up mentally shocked.

Solicit Synopsis

FEAR ITSELF TIE-IN! The X-Men are used to being feared. When FEAR ITSELF finally reaches the west coast, they're going to become well acquainted with the emotion first hand. The unstoppable power of an old foe renewed is heading their way, and they have all the time in the world to realize how little they can do to stop him. And even more time to think about exactly how he's going to destroy San Francisco and everything it stands for. Parts 1 and 2 (of 4)


Although her name is deliberately mentioned, Psylocke is supposed to be part of the 2nd attack team (Joined by Dazzler, Storm and Angel) but is replaced by Cannonball for an unknown reason.

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I didn't get any reviews in last week cause I was kinda out of town for half of it. So since this book is only a week old, I'm still gonna review it. Let me know what you think.

Uncanny X-Men Vol 1 541

Overall this issue was pretty good, but not entirely great.. It's always nice to see a not so familiar face like Cecilia Reyes. And really nice too see so many X-Men in one issue! Even if Angel and Cannonball did nothing.. Also really cool to see Hope use her powers, but it reminded me too much of Rogue, how she took everyone else's powers.

I thought it was neat that they amped up the unstoppable-ness of Juggernaut even more in this issue by saying that he completely (or so we think) unstoppable, even from telepaths. Not just that, but his hammer is too? Awesome! Even Magneto couldn't stop it.

One thing that bugged me was the gum/Captain America adds. They've been in all the releases lately, and it's so big and such a waste of space. And Orbit has had product placement in the last two issues of Uncanny X-Men inside the storyline. Come on Marvel! The actual adds are bad enough, we don't need an add in the background as Juggernaut punches Colossus into it.

Another weird thing was for some reason Emma Frost was wearing a cowboy hat in this issue. When I first scanned through the issue (then later read all through) I thought it was Outlaw. Also she looks dumb in it.. lol!

I'm a little mad at how all Fear Itself books must have the title take up a third of the comic cover. I'm a little mad at some X-Men missing. I'm a little mad at how Juggernaut is in five places at once during this issue. And I don't like Greg Land. Pretty decent storyline, even if I'm not following Fear Itself. But overall...I'd give it a (high) 3 out of 5. I just can't overlook the art work, and there were some aspects missing here that really should have been shown..maybe they will be in the next two issues. Until then...

Johnnybravo44 (talk) 22:24, July 27, 2011 (UTC)
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