Quote1 You said that you could tell me about the Phoenix. And... help me? Quote2
-- Hope Summers

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The X-Men and the Avengers continue fighting the alien escapees from the Peak. Abigail Brand locates Unit in Canada and informs the X-Men only. Danger tells Cyclops that Hope is also in Canada, and Cyclops orders the Extinction Team to retreat. He also tells Captain America about the Canada situation, but Cap replies that they are dealing with an emergency right now and that Cyclops can send his other teams. However, Cyclops states that the Extinction Team is the only one prepared for this kind of emergency. As Magik teleports the team to Canada, Brand tells Cyclops not to underestimate Unit, but Cyclops says that Hope is danger and they must help her.

The Extinction Team arrives at Canada and swiftly attacks Unit, while Magik teleports Hope to safety. Unit holds the advantage, knocking Magneto and Storm out, hurling Colossus towards the upper atmosphere. Emma attempts to use her telepathy on Unit, but he remains unaffected and uses pheromones to force Emma to make out with Namor.

Cyclops attempts to take out Unit with his optic blast, but Unit forces Cyclops' eyes shut and makes him kneel. Suddenly, Danger arrives and quickly defeats Unit, as his powers are useless against machines.

Then, Hope and Magik re-appear in Canada and Hope asks Danger to stop, as Unit did not hurt her and was nice with her. Unit confirms this, and also says that he is not technically an escapee, just a prisoner whose cell randomly disintegrated around him.

Cyclops asks Magneto to return Colossus to the ground while Magik teleports the team back to the Avengers, who had already finished rounding the escapees up. Captain America compliments the Extinction Team's actions, but he is disappointed that Cyclops left an important mission for something less important. Magik tries to object, but Cyclops simply tells her to get them home.

As the Extinction Team returns to Utopia, Emma tries to explains her actions with Namor to Cyclops, who replies that he understands. Emma, seeing that Cyclops is not actually interested, replies that she would prefer if he weren't. Then, Psylocke tells Cyclops that Brand is waiting for him at the conference room.

As the two meet up, Brand asks Cyclops if the X-Men can hold Unit in Utopia. Cyclops replies that he doesn't owe Brand anything. Suddenly, Brand brings up of Cyclops' recent morally questionable actions, telling him that Beast told her everything after he left the X-Men. Cyclops notes that she is blackmailing him, but she replies that she is letting both to mutually blackmail each other, and that is the closest she comes at trusting someone. Cyclops and Brand grudgingly shake heands.

Later, Colossus asks Cyclops a favor: to be locked up in the same cell as Illyana. When Cyclops asks why is he doing this, Magik tells him that he is afraid that he will lose control over the Juggernaut. Colossus notes that his sister is safely imprisoned until she is needed, and since he is more dangerous than her, he wants to be locked up as well.

At the X-Brig, Unit asks Danger if she can bring Hope so that they can continue their talk. Danger refuses, but Unit quickly takes control of her body, revealing that he compromised her systems seconds after they met. He then forces her to go for Hope.

Hope goes to the X-Brig, and asks Unit if he can tell her more about the Phoenix. Unit agrees, saying that they can mutually help each other.

To be continued...

Solicit Synopsis

• The X-Men Vs. Unit, The Galactic Genocidal Fugitive! • What Is Behind Unit’s Sinister Interest In Hope? • Building Towards Avx!

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