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Synopsis for 1st story

In Utopia's conference room, Doctor Nemesis gives Cyclops a report on Hope's latest energy flare, saying it was directed outwards. It was a signal. Thinking about the Phoenix's return, Cyclops decides that Hope must be protected at all costs.

Meanwhile, in the brig, Hope is asking Unit about the Phoenix, when Danger tells her that Cyclops has requested her presence. Hope leaves, but not before Unit tells her that an important part of destiny is choice, and she shouldn't allow herself to be anyone's pawn. After Hope leaves the brig, Unit orders Danger to keep an eye on her.

Later, Captain America arrives on Utopia's beach, requesting that Hope be taken into protective custody, but Cyclops refuses. As Cyclops and Cap begin fighting, Namor ponders why he stands with mutants. While mutants are loathed, he is feared and respected, and humanity doesn't consider him a mutant. He admires Cyclops for being a great leader of mutantkind. As the Avengers attack Utopia, Namor proclaims the reason he sides with mutants: while there are those who stand with the many against the few, he will never do such a thing.

Colossus fights Red Hulk underwater. After taking a few blows, Colossus is fully transformed into the Juggernaut.

Wolverine and Spider-Man try to take Hope into custody, but she harnesses some of the Phoenix's power and knocks them out. Exasperated that no one trusts her, Hope escapes from Utopia, saying that she is not running from a fight. She running towards one.

Giving into the power of Cyttorak, Colossus holds the advantage against Red Hulk. However, he realizes that in his rage, he damaged the pillar that supports Utopia. If the pillar breaks, Utopia will go down. Taking off the helmet of Cyttorak, Colossus regrets how far he let himself succumb and submits to Red Hulk's rage, shouting for him to hit harder. As the fight resumes, Colossus ponders that Cyttorak doesn't care who bleeds on his altar, as long as someone bleeds.

Magik tells Cyclops that Red Hulk has defeated Colossus, while Danger tells Cyclops that Hope has escaped from Utopia. Cyclops then activates the Avengers Protocol.

In San Francisco, Kade Kildare receives a message about the Avengers Protocol on her cellphone. She then sends a public letter Cyclops wrote on her computer: a letter that supports the X-Men and demonizes the Avengers.

To be continued...

Solicit Synopsis

• Avx Tie-In!

• Cyclops Leads The X-Men In To Their Toughtest Battle Yet!

• Juggernaut-Powered Colossus Vs. The Red Hulk!


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