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Synopsis for 1st story

Cyclops gathers his X-Men at the X-Diaspora so that they can organize on how can they find Hope. He also says that the Lights have been taken into custody. Splitting the X-Men into teams, Cyclops sends Namor, Sunspot and Hepzibah to Tabula Rasa. Magik creates a portal to teleport them to Tabula Rasa.

At Tabula Rasa, the Savage is giving medical attention to a creature who was attacked by a predator when he hears a nearby explosion. Curious, he goes to investigate.

The explosion was caused by the crashing of a Quinjet, which was piloted by Luke Cage, the Thing and She-Hulk. They were flying to Tabula Rasa to see if Hope was there. As they leave the wreck behind, the Avengers explore the place until they stumble upon a cave. As they enter the cave, the Savage watches them from afar.

Meanwhile, Sunspot and Hepzibah are waiting for Namor on a river's bank, when Namor emerges from the river, along with the Queen of the river creatures. According to Namor, the Queen promises to assist the X-Men in their quest.

As they go through the cave, the Avengers are attacked by creatures.

The X-Men and the Queen continue investigating, until Namor discovers Luke Cage and hurls him to the river. Then She-Hulk and the Thing are attacked by Sunspot and Hepzibah. In the river, Namor is victorious, as Cage cannot breathe underwater. Sunspot and Hepzibah, however, are defeated, so Namor has to fight alone. Easily dispatching She-Hulk, Namor takes on the Thing. The fight is interrupted by the Savage's appearance.

The Savage believes Namor and the Thing are fighting because they want to copulate. Suddenly, Magik teleports the X-Men out of Tabula Rasa, saying that they have found Hope. The Thing is left alone with the Savage.

Cyclops has gathered the X-Men at an abandoned Hellfire Club safe house, revealing that they have found Hope on the moon.

To be continued...

Solicit Synopsis

• Avx Tie-In!

• Namor Vs. The Thing!


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